Ron Paul Declares Himself One of Three Winners in Iowa Caucus

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If Ron Paul was disappointed in last night's Iowa caucus results, it didn't show.

The Republican Congressman from Texas finished a strong third behind Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, but certainly served notice that he's a factor in 2012.

Paul wanted some legitimacy and a bigger platform for his movement, and by securing over 20 percent in the first-in-the-nation caucuses, he's on his way.

On stage before a cheering crowd Tuesday, Paul said winning elections is the best way to promote a cause, and that he was one of three winners last night:

Claiming a ticket out of Iowa, Paul vowed to continue his fight, even as GOP rivals such as Newt Gingrich, Romney and Santorum dismiss him as unelectable.

Iowa voters thought otherwise, taking to Paul’s small-government, anti-war and pro-civil liberties message in enough numbers to lift him into the top tier.

Evangelicals, home schoolers, young people, moderates, libertarians and disaffected Democrats formed an unlikely coalition that led to his strong showing.

Can it be replicated or improved upon elsewhere? That's the key question.

“We have tremendous opportunity," Paul said. "It won’t be long that there’s going to be an election up in New Hampshire, and believe me, this momentum is going to continue, this movement is going to continue and we are going to keep scoring.”

With a huge smile at the end, he continued, “So tonight, we have come out of an election where there were essentially three winners, three top vote-getters."

"We will go on, we will raise the money, I have no doubt about the volunteers.”

Indeed, Paul's fundraising and organization make him formidable almost anywhere. As the field narrows (Michele Bachmann is already out), can he gain support?

We'll find out in New Hampshire.

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Ron Paul,We are with you and we love you,God bless America!




It was interestig to see that Rand Paul refused to clap when his father spouted his most dangerous foreign policy and gold standard ideas. If Ron Paul is president, our country's safety will be in grave danger from an Iranian nuclear bomb. Paul doesn't seem to care that the Iranians are preparing to blow an American city to smithereens. Paul is the worst candidate out there. ABP! (Anyone But Paul!!)


What is McCain doing? Who cares about McCain....remember Romney quit the last election....that looks like "you do it this year and then I will do it the next time" that is the GOP. We need ron paul and no one else.....I am so happy that the three way tie was the way it came out.....God has Blessed America with Ron Paul; a man that is needed today and for the next eight years.....


Good, straight to the point, no-bias article.


As many Americans awake from the illusions and dreams.
Our fiat banking system, is ripping us apart at the seams. As we wake up America, from this spiraling fall.
We need a new system, lets start with Ron Paul. The truth in his message, may seem for some hard to face.
As deception is masked by the other's, behind satin and lace. Enough of the lies, spun by corporate greed.
In America's garden, let's plant Ron Paul seeds.