Rihanna Blows Off People's Choice Awards ... For Clippers-Heat Game Next Door!

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Rihanna blew off the People's Choice Awards in L.A. this week. As did other stars, to be sure ... but Rihanna did so to watch an NBA game! Across the street!

Faux pas?

The Los Angeles CLIPPERS were the hot ticket in town Wednesday, besting the Heat in overtime (sorry LeBron) in what was definitely a good game. Still.

Rihanna Music Video Still

Katy Perry is trying to stay out of the limelight as her divorce drama blows over. Lady Gaga was no doubt off performing and shutting it down elsewhere.

Rihanna won the People's Choice Award for "Favorite R&B Artist" yet sat a few hundred yards away. Was she wrong to bail on the show just to kick it?

Eh, not really. The People's Choice Awards are pointless.

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There are too many award shows; the producers of these shows make a lot of money and give the celebs nothing but a cheap piece of plastic. They televise these shows for millions to view and promoters make millions while the stars get nothing; maybe Rihanna didn't feel like being used last night that's all.


Well she is a rich person so she is intitaled to go wherever she wants and she's fine as hell.


This article is even more pointless than the news it is reporting.


As far as i am concerned they are overpayed spoiled brats, they should be past by for further projects. Any awards show dealing with Hollywood should not be shown at all on TV. Back patting should be left to their own area of ass kissing


Rihanna can blow me off.

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