People's Choice Awards Face-Off: Morgan Freeman vs. Neil Patrick Harris

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Morgan Freeman and Neil Patrick Harris were both among the People's Choice Awards winners last night, as the pictures below make abundantly clear.

Who was the best dressed of the two, talented actors, however?

The How I Met Your Mother star wore his signature suit, while the Hollywood icon went a more casual route, with suit pants and jacket sans tie.

Hey, when you win an award for your icon status, you do what you want! Vote for your favorite style star in THG's Fashion Face-Off below ...

Fashion Face-Off!

Who dressed best at the People's Choice Awards, Morgan Freeman or Neil Patrick Harris? Cast your vote in the latest Fashion Face-Off at The Hollywood Gossip! View Poll ยป


ERMAHGERD Neil Patrick Harris is so beaut. I'm like seriously in LOVE with him. I want his babies. Even though I have no eggs :( :(


Bob--- you think Howser is great because you are gay. Freeman-,He looks like a Racist Democrat to me.

Bob sodervick

Morgan looks great and I love everything he does!! Neil is a great example that gays are normal and not freaks and should be allowed to get married and adopt children and have the same rights as everyone else!! But, I still think his best performance was as Doogie Howser!!

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