People's Choice Awards: Winners Include Emma Stone, Demi Lovato and More!

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Kaley Cuoco kicked off the 2012 People's Choice Awards tonight alongside her co-stars from The Big Bang Theory, eventually taking center stage and introducing the only ceremony where the fans are in control.
Demi Lovato PCA Dress

So who benefited from your Tweets, texts and online votes? Read on for a full list of winners and return tomorrow for a fashion and music rundown...

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Favorite Movie:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Favorite Movie Icon:
Morgan Freeman

Favorite Action Movie Star:
Hugh Jackman

Favorite Late Night TV Host:
Jimmy Fallon

Favorite Movie Actress:
Emma Stone

Favorite Comedic Movie Actress:
Emma Stone

Favorite Animated Movie Voice:
Johnny Depp as Rango

Favorite Movie Superhero:
Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Favorite Movie Actor:
Johnny Depp

Favorite TV Competition Show:
American Idol

Favorite Daytime TV Host:
Ellen DeGeneres

Favorite Network TV Drama:

Favorite TV Comedy Actress:
Lea Michele, Glee

Favorite TV Drama Actress:
Nina Dobrev

Favorite TV Comedy Actor:
Neil Patrick Harris

Favorite TV Crime Drama:

Favorite Cable Drama:
Pretty Little Liars

Favorite TV Drama Actor:
Nathan Fillion

Favorite SciFi Show:

Favorite Network TV Comedy:
How I Met Your Mother

Favorite New TV Drama:
Person Of Interest

Favorite New TV Comedy:
Two Broke Girls

Favorite Cable TV Comedy:
Hot in Cleveland

Favorite Album of the Year:
Born This Way, Lady Gaga

Favorite Comedic Movie Actor:
Adam Sandler

Favorite Movie Star Under 25:
Chloë Grace Moretz

Favorite Band:
Maroon 5

Favorite Drama Movie:
Water For Elephants

Favorite Comedy Movie:

Favorite TV Celebreality Star:
Kim Kardashian

Favorite Pop Artist:
Demi Lovato

Favorite R&B Artist:

Favorite Tour Headliner:
Katy Perry

Favorite Song of the Year:
'E.T' by Katy Perry featuring Kanye West

Favorite Country Artist:
Taylor Swift

Favorite Hip Hop Artist:

Favorite Male Artist:
Bruno Mars


Mark – hahhaahahahahaha I take it you’ve seen it then? Come ON, isn’t it a classic film??? Tell me it’s not!!


i just don't know why people wouldn't vote Regis..this being his last year!


Wow! I guess I'm not the only one drooling over Jim Cavezel in Person of Interest. This is a pretty nice list of winners. Like everyone else, I don't get the fascination with Kim Kardashian. But Bridesmaids, Emma Stone, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Harry Potter, Castle, Water for Elephants, Morgan Freeman, and Jimmy Fallon--LOVE EM ALL!!!


Kim Kardashian for favorite celebrity?!?!?!?!?!?! U HAVE 2 BE KIDDING ME.


who are the "PEOPLE" that voted for these awards? pretty little liars? castle? supernatural? and worst of all broke girls?!!!!
voters obviously 10-13 year old girls, likely residing somewhere between right and left coastal areas!


I got no problem with any of the winners EXCEPT .... Kim Kardashian for Favorite Celebreality??? Really??!!! Ick. And Favorite Network TV Comedy should have gone to Modern Family or Big Bang - even if they were the hosts. How I Met Your Mother??? I just don't know where they get this stuff.


Woo-hoo Bruno Mars! You go boy!


Woot!! Go Castle and Nina...I love all who won...kind of glad Twilight wasn't named best movie (don't really get why water for elephants made the list)...Harry Pottef deserved that award for it being the end of that era... Just wonderful picks...congrats winners!!


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