Mitt, Schmitt: Who's Your Favorite Celebrity Mormon?

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With wins in the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary, Mitt Romney has a leg up in the race for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

If he won the right to face our first African-American President, Barack Obama, Romney would become the first Mormon on a major party ticket.

While this is hardly an endorsement of Romney, good for him, and for voters embracing candidates of varying religions, backgrounds and ethnicity.

In honor of Mitt, here are a bunch of celebrity Mormons you might not know about! Who's your favorite? Read THG's Top 10 and vote in our poll:

Mitt Romney for President

10. Mitt Romney. He'll never be accused of being electrifying on the campaign trail, but he wins. And least so far. Plus, he's got the hair.

9. Jon Huntsman. Another family man and GOP presidential candidate who embraces his Mormon beliefs. Doing not quite as well in the polls.

8. Amy Adams of Enchanted fame was raised Mormon. Who knew!

7. Marie Osmond and her siblings grew up in a strict Mormon home.

6. Aaron Eckhart of The Dark Knight fame was raised Mormon. Eckhart even transferred to BYU and graduated from the Mormon University in '94.

Derek Hough Photo
Julianne Hough Red Carpet Pic

5. (tie) Paul Walker. That's one fast, furious, handsome Mormon! And Jon Heder. Napoleon Dynamite quotes. Enough said on both accounts.

4. Katherine Heigl. While no longer a practicing Mormon, the former Grey's Anatomy star credits her LDS upbringing with shaping her character.

3. Lacey Schwimmer. DWTS pro and Mormon (as are our co-#1s).

2. David Archuleta. The American Idol runner-up recently announced he's stepping out of the limelight to embark on a two-year Mormon mission.

1. Julianne and Derek Hough. The Footloose star and DWTS pro siblings pretty much hit the genetic jackpot with looks, charm and physical abilities.

Who's your favorite celebrity Mormon?


You spelled Archuleta wrong! Lol


And thank you Mormons, for not smoking.


David Archuleta by a long shot! Adore him--best singer and best person ever! Also like Mitt, the Houghs, Marie O. and John Heder, all good folks. I know less/care less about the rest of the bunch.


Who said Democrats believe gays equality? Any religions are against homosexuality. Mormons are just more outspoken than most of religions. Think about it. It's unnatural to have sex with same gender against natural law. There are many Democrats who have religious beliefs, so don't support homosexuality.


David Archuleta


David Archuleta! He is an amazing singer and lives his religion!


David Archuleta, by a mile!! Great singer!
And I see someone here has been smoking what Faux News is selling.


What is Mormon University? I've never heard of that.


Jon Heder, Marie O., Mitt, and David Archuleta are the only ones on that list I'd claim as practicing Mormons. Huntsman? What a joke. He would be in the Mormon When I Need to Be category. The rest are "raised as".


David Archuleta! And poll - who can't spell his name?

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