Marriage Proposal Fail: UCLA Fan Rejected on JumboTron!

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This UCLA fan thought he had THE perfect marriage proposal planned, but his would-be fiancee shot him down - LIVE on the JumboTron at a basketball game.

It all went down Dec. 23. With the “Mistletoe Cam” scanning the arena to capture fans kissing, one Bruins fan was interested in something more memorable.

“What’s going on? Wait, this might be a little more than a kiss!” said the sideline reporter as cameras focused on the guy. She was right, but no one expected this:

“I knew that I was going to do this the first day I met you,” said the poor guy told his girlfriend as he bent down on one knee. “Now’s a good a time as ever.”

To everyone’s surprise, the woman took one look at a ring and shook her head. The announcer edged the mic toward her, but she pushed it away and ran off.

The best part, for everyone but the two people involved? The crowd collectively groaned as if the Bruins' potential game-winner just rattled out at the buzzer.

Silver lining? UCLA beat visiting Richmond 71-63.


You would think she could say yes and once the camera was gone gave the ring right back. Maybe she is shy and got embarrassed with a camera in her face. Feel bad for the guy.


Ahh that is horrible... could have accepted then took it back... poor Guy... wish someone would have done that for me! All I got was asked to marry over the phone .... ugh...


Sorry to burst everyone's bubble but this was a staged proposal fail. Both the guy and the girl are struggling actors who can only get exposure by duping up a crappy joke that has been done a thousand times already.


Haha..FAIL!! She looks more pissed that the stupid announcer had the mic on her head.


I think she could have said yes till they got in the car or atleast the camera off them....poor guy!!! She was ready to kiss him when the mistle toe cam came in him. She could have not crushed him like that for everyone to see.


Well at least its now instead of leavening him at the alter!!


At least she was smart
Enough not to say yes just
Because the cameras were on

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