Katy Perry: Married to a Crazy Man!?

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand clearly had their share of problems, but his craziness was not one of them, despite what certain reports would have you believe.

On the contrary: If anything, the 36-year-old Brand, who has been sober seven years, may have been too much of a homebody for social butterfly Katy, 28.

According to sources close to the couple, they tried to make it work, but were just too different and parted amicably. Sad, but nothing like this portrayal:

Katy Perry Us Cover

No clue why Us decided to trash Russell Brand, who (raunchy stand up comedy and Michele Bachmann crazy eyes aside) is really not that wild anymore.

Nor did he blindside her with the divorce, as the above cover says. Russell Brand filed for divorce instead of Katy because of her family's religious beliefs.

As for explosive fights, that's news to people close to the couple.

"I was shocked when I found out," a source told People. "I thought they would be together for a long time. Maybe not forever – but definitely not just 14 months."

"They were always laughing," the source went on to say. "They were very affectionate, always holding hands. They seemed like they were really in love."

Another source who spent time with Brand and Perry said that despite the split, they "took marriage very seriously ... these aren't people who give up."

Long and short: It just didn't work out. But that doesn't make it scandalous.


Married 21 years and it takes allot of work. But if you hang in there the good outways the bad. I suppose one or both were probably very lonely. Im pretty sure there is a huge price to pay for being famous. Just really kind of sad. Give me my couch and my cuddly wife of 21 years and keep your fame!


Thank you Hollywood Gossip for sharing this. The Us cover is uncalled for and malicious! Russell should be treated with respect. His statement- he adores Katy, wants them to remain friends. His actions- spent the Christmas holiday with his mother, New Years in a hotel by himself watching football/soccer. I will continue to believe he is an intelligent person who couldn't deal with her fame b/c of his past. If anything he should have known better. It's understandable that Ms. Perry would want to party and be with her friends- she's young and at the top of her game! Kudos to her but don't SLANDER your ex, or allow a magazine to do that. Rotten.


Where are her reglious beliefs when she parades around like a tramp? I kissed a girl and I liked it....yep really concerned what her parents think. I didn't think I'd like Russell Brand, but Forgetting Sarah Marshall was hiliarious. He even says in that movie about his sobriety. How could they be so "different". I've been married 17 years. If we weren't "different", life would be boring. Opposites attract....grow up and actually commit. Two lives coming together take work, not maybe 2 weeks together and 4 weeks apart. That is not a marriage.


14 months.. Really? For some strange reason I really thought they would have lasted a lot longer than 14 months. No, they really didn't try at all. What a joke, especially the part about her religious beliefs... That should have made her, err, both of them try even harder. Any marriage created in Hollywood just does not last. It's as if these celebrities are on a whole different mind set as us regular folks. Going on 27 years here & it does take a lot of work but it's well worth my time & effort because I respect those vows that I took.


They take marriage very seriously??? Yeah. It lasted about one year, what is that??? That isn't enought time to even experience true marriage. I don't care what they do but don't say they were serious about it. I am serious about it and I am still married after 18 years, and we have had all the ups and downs. What ever.


She's 27, not 28.

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