Katy Perry and Russell Brand "Just Too Different," Friends Say

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Katy Perry's divorce from Russell Brand wasn't due to a particular event or issue. The pair simply got married too fast and are too different, sources say.

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    When I first saw russel brand I thought he was gay he is built funny and he wears tight funny looking pants he has all the traits of a gay man I was surprised when he got married


    Sounds as if they are parting as friends... with as little drama as possible, given they are both in the public eye. That's how most people would prefer to "move on", I'm sure. Good for them... stopping it now... before babies become involved!


    They're both wierd. How can they be too different from each other??




    This young woman new her husband is was a recover addict. In a relationship you should assure you mate is out of harms way. By her arguing with him let's him no she doesn't care. A persons SOBRIETY comes first no matter what.. So I feel he is doing the right thing to keep himself healthy and alive. And love has nothing to do with that if your person is to wrapped up in her own nonsense that she can't see her HUSBAND comes first....

    Obvious she has no shame.....


    Hollywood and marriage, why even bother...


    Both talents in their own right, and I wish them both well as they live now as friends, and not spouses.


    So sad! As different as they were I loved them together. I have to say they both knew who they were marrying, though. But, in the end at least it is amicable & no drama like the past divorces lately. Sad, too. I always hoped they'd make it...Katy deserves to be able to have fun (married or not) because she has such a busy life, but Russell was opposite ya know, being sober and more relaxed because of his past. There's nothing wrong with either one of them: they just need to be with people more like themselves. I wish them both luck


    gee, never saw this coming...........

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