Is Taylor Armstrong Headed for Rehab?

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A series of disturbing incidents have friends of Taylor Armstrong wondering: does this reality star belong in rehab?

Leaving the question of who the heck would be friends with Taylor Armstrong aside, Radar Online cites an episode captured for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in which Armstrong gets so drunk that she climbs into a suitcase. Elsewhere, she apparently stumbled out of a restaurant last week, struggling to the point where a witness said:

Angry Taylor Armstrong

“Judging by the way she was staggering, she was very drunk. She couldn’t stand up without help and was being held up by her friend as she walked to the car. She looked absolutely wasted."

An insider adds that Taylor doesn't drink every day - but when she does drink, it's always in excessive amounts and the results are rarely pretty.

"Taylor's closest friend and advisers have told her that she needs to go to rehab," this source says "Taylor admits that alcohol has become her crutch in dealing with Russell's suicide, and coping with the drama of being on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...

... but she is refusing to go to rehab, primarily because of [daughter] Kennedy."

That's sweet. Taylor will profit from a number of interviews regarding Kennedy's late father, but, hey, at least she draws the line somewhere. And that place, allegedly, is choosing NOT to make herself into a better person.


Taylor needs a rehab alright, do they have one for compulsive liars??? I worry about her daughter raised in an enviroment that she is providing. I think Russell's family needs to file for custody. She is a liar, manipulator, drama queen, social want to be. She would sell out anyone for any amount of money. Ok Bravo, you have heard the fans of RHWOBH, can Taylor before she hurts someone else.


Rehab for buttsex Lolz.


Taylor does not belong on that show.! i want to watch someone enjoying life , not crying and feeling sorry for herself because she doesn't fit in! She is not of the same caliber as the rest of the cast members....I want to watch people enjoying what they have ... not wishing they had it!


I feel so bad for Russell. She has obviously been having blackouts when she drinks and was blaming abuse by him instead of admitting she was injuring herself because she was so drunk! I really don't think he was aware that she was accusing him of abusing her. She thought she was too hot for him , that is why she wanted out. Poor Russell, he must have really loved her, or maybe he had low self-esteem too ,from her belittling him everytime she got drunk.l He's a saint! He saved her from admitting she was a liar. Taylor you don't fool me! I was a drunk myself just like you are now and I can see through your games....i hope BRAVO sees you for what you are too!! STOP the poor me act too,, the only person anyone should feel sorry for is Russell! May he rest in peace!!!


As much as I do not care for Taylor and her manipulative and questionable behavior. I think it is in the best interest if she did not return for the sake of her child and herself. She is probably under alot of pressure from all the lawsuits she and Russell received from their business dealings. Added to the pressure of the RHOBH to live the part in Beverly hills which she cannot afford as well as her alleged drinking problem. Taylor is best concentrating on herself and her child Kennedy by living a normal life, otherwise, there may be another tragedy. Even though I do not care for her antics, I wish her and her daughter well in the future. Just watching this past season with her in it was mentally draining and very dark. I would not like to see it repeated again.


SPOT ON HILTON HATER!!!!! This poor girl Kennedy! Her life is a most sad one.


Taylor was all happy walking in with her date, Mr. $$ and POW! Paparazzi! Click! Click! Then the crying started, oh no! Sobbing! Poor me! I'm an abused, alcoholic! HAHAHA!
Hey Taylor remember Kate Plus 8? That's you darling! Kudos!


I love it! What else? Dancing with the stars! What a liar! She makes us sick! This woman wants so much to be a part of high societé, it looks foolish! Taylor will always be the ugly duckling/wolf crying liar! Always! Karma is a witch with a capital B.!


I love it! What else? Dancing with the stars! What a liar! She makes us sick! This woman wants so much to be a part of high societé, it looks foolish! Taylor will always be that girl who was embarrassed her parents have tins if money, or belong to country clubs, she long do much for that which money buys; it has now become her demise!


After getting rid of the pathetic fraud's from NYC , it's time to clean house in beverly Hills

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