Demi Moore 911 Call to Be Released

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With Demi Moore out of Sherman Oaks Hospital in Los Angeles, more information on what exactly landed her there in the first place may come out tomorrow.

The 911 call placed on behalf of the actress this week will be made available on Friday, but with a major catch: following a review by the  Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, numerous references from the call will be redacted because they refer to medical conditions and could violate privacy laws.

Demi Moore in NYC

All we know at the moment is that a witness described Moore as appearing to suffer a "seizure" on Tuesday night and she was therefore transported to the hospital to seek "professional assistance."

The most reliable information so far states that Moore actually inhaled a dangerous amount of nitrous oxide, leading to an adverse reaction and a panicked call from a friend. What was the actress doing with a substance typically reserved for teenagers in their parents' basement?

We might never know the answer to that question.


I think she is an inrtisapion to woman. She fell in love and they both willingly exchanged vows of the soul to last a lifetime. He is a douchebag and cheated (more than once allegedly) she tried to work it out with him and obviously he didn’t want to play ball. So she did what she had to, to preserve her self respect and integrity. I know how this breaks you in half to the core. I filed for divorce from my repeat offender this week to. You are numb it feels surreal and you wonder where did the man go who I married, bottom line he doesn’t exist anymore and perhaps never did. Narcissists are incurable the only cure for your life is to erase them from yours and let them move on to new prey. Demi you are a woman of dignity.


Please say it ain't so!!
Decades after graduating from the soap opera General Hospital, please don't let it be true that Demi Moore has taken a step back, and is Now turning into Lindsay Lohan. Demi has been a member of The Planet Hollywood investors and A-List star for years. She and ex-husband Bruce had a quiet divorce, and being the mother of 3 daughters, there has been No hint of scandal from her girls. Hopefully, the reality of
divorce has Not taken such a toil on Demi that she is willing to risk leaving her girls by experimenting with unhealthy practices.
@ Demi,
Put on your Tiger suit and get back into the jungle of living. PEACE!!


cool what the hell..


Demi Moore 911 Call Tape Audio Released here


I agree with the other poster. Since when are 911 calls public fodder? I mean, whose business is it other than Demi and the people she contacted. Another actor might think twice before calling 911 when they should, and end up dead. Stupid media. And I hope Demi's condition has nothing to do with the breakup with Ashton. No MAN is ever worth such distress. Get well Demi!


Wow thats pretty effed up to me to release the call even tho the media always does this. This woman is at such a low point in her life i dnt think she needs the world to hear the pain in her voice. Or even her friend if that is who called.


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