Report: Demi Moore Hospitalized for Nitrous Oxide Inhalation

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More information is leaking out regarding the hospitalization of Demi Moore last night.


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    how the heck wud tmz get this info? Are they pulling a murdoch and taping phns lol????


    Well, I believe Demi Moore has pretty much always been a good actress, mother, and well, relationships, we all have bad ones and so does she, so she's human, not just an actress. And as for the Nitrous in all honesty, unless it came out of her mouth and not just gossip, I say bs. She is a mother and a responsible person, I don't see her doing such things, and if she did, she is getting help, takes a strong person to admit they have a problem and seek help for it.


    Demi Moore Hospitalized, Health Issue Official Details Revealed here


    lol whippits are not very cheap!!


    So...Demi was walking on sunshine? Wonder when she'll be popping up on Intervention.

    What an idiot...access to every resource in the world and she's sucking on nitrous like it's the 80s again.

    I'm beginning to understand why Ashton left. Sounds like Demi is walking on sunshine, right thru midlife crisis.


    My prayers are with Demi...she is a wonderful actress and sweet lady from what I have heard. I hope she soon realizes as most of her fans already realize...that she is a beautiful lady... and look forward to seeing her get well and back on her feet. God Bless


    hope she be ok just need hug sometimes women think thay only person havin a hard time time its self i beleave is healer there other women going through the same have fath in yourself n trust your self one day at a time


    has to be dumbest broad in world, should remove Tallulah from her. My brother died of it at dentist, not using recreationally, it replaces oxygen , had she done it alone she'd be dead & all the high is, is makes you stupid ,forget from 1 minute to next what's going on, you're more foggy than if ya sniffed glue or toluene, more out of it than any other drug incl. barbs, liters of booze. Like Ashton, whose twin had ♥ transplant, needed any deliberate medical drama in his life! Baker act her, OMG. Looks Like A. bought it to soup up cars, look how thin her is, of course it wouldn't take much, get that kid from her!

    What's wrong with looking like you really do, now finally she does, but had to be 24 for 25 years first. Oh let's just let her do it, prob. thinks she's a Marilyn Monroe to history, but she's a snicker-attractor, that's all she is

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