Beyonce Hospital Birthing Suite: Nicer Than Yours!

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Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy were living large last weekend. Birthing suite style.

The Lenox Hill Hospital birthing suite where Beyonce gave birth to her baby girl is, one could say, the Ritz-Carlton of birthing suites. Five-star stuff here.

TMZ reported, and a hospital employee subsequently confirmed, that the photo seen here is indeed of the "executive suite" where Blue was born ...

Beyonce Birthing Suite

The spacious room features four flat-screen TVs, gray and cream sofas, even brushed-chrome accents, mahogany walls and a fancy pants kitchenette.

Jay-Z, who already released a song for Blue, apparently kicked back on a cozy bed with plush sheets, a fluffy comforter and a private bedside table.

He deserved it - guys have child birth really rough.

Lenox Hill Executive Director Frank Danza said the superstar couple paid $800 per room per night to use the brand-new, never-before-used suites.

Not cheap, but a far cry from reports that they rented out a whole floor of the hospital for A MILLION DOLLARS. That's just crazy talk right there.

NY State Health Department officials are investigating reports that the couple's security personnel caused issues for other expectant moms and new parents.


That's hterabreaking- but hang in there. Plan something special for the two of you and give her time. Kids do go through phases!Thanks for stopping by my blog.Cheers!


LOVE the name!Blue Ivy! So cute


I think if she paid them a lot of money for this, all of you need to back off! It's her money and if they let her do it, they just let her! Geesh!


I'm with Really tho.
Also I think the rest of you should take everything you read and hear with a grain of salt. I really believe these rumours exist because the media is ao obsessed with Jay Z and Beyonce- it doesn't help their case that this couple is also SUPER PRIVATE. It is so obvious they make up this shit. I mean do you seriously believe all this? Plus so what if she rented an $800 room? They own bloody private planes. Whether you wan admit it or would too if you had the money. Most of you sound really petty and bitter. Really tho's spot on! Get over it already man!


If she can afford it then who cares. However if her presence prevented other new parents from their kids than that is wrong she should have to do a settlement of some sort with those family's for her or her body guards behavior. I don't care who u r or how much money u have your kid is no better than the next. Unfortantly this child will probably grow up to b a spoiled little brat unlike the other children because of her diva like ways. Yes she should have more protection because her child is at more of a risk because she is well known but other parents should not b mistreated. She has other options were the other new parents did not on were the gave birth

Team me

If other new parents didn't get to see their brand new babies because of her, then she should be seriously ashamed of herself, because that's bullshit. I would have fucking hurt somebody if I didn't get to see my baby because some celebrity was having a baby in the same hospital as me. I'm sure she would have flipped her shit if the tables were turned. She's a NORMAL WOMAN, just like every other normal woman who has ever given birth. I understand if she wanted a "nicer" room or whatever, go for it, but if she kept other mothers and fathers from seeing their babies, then she's a piece of shit.


seems like a class strugle in america is well on its way lol. agree with all yall, noone likes to be treated worser, simply because they cant afford it. many ppl would be bitter and its understandable, isnt that a normal human reaction to the unfairness of the capitalist world?


@Really tho .... Did you really just say for $800 I could have that room? Does that also give me the right to act like a diva bitch and prevent parents from being in my presence? No, not even a little. Her shit stinks like everyone elses.


For once, I actually agree with Riley...except for her usual "are you retarded" retort which always makes her sound like a bitchy middle schooler.


@Really tho are you really retarded. Read the damn article. It says "New suite" meaning never showed to the public. And fuck you o love Beyonces music just hate when famous people get flipping royal treatment.

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