Beyonce Baby Birth Sparks Probe By Health Officials

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The weekend arrival of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's baby daughter Blue Ivy Carter hasn't left everyone feeling overjoyed. The New York State Health Department, for example.

Officials are looking into complaints concerning treatment of maternity patients and families during Beyoncé's controversial stay at Manhattan's Lenox Hill Hospital.

"We've received two complaints that we're looking into today," a spokesperson said, adding, "Neither of them was from people who were involved in the situation."

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"One was from someone who read about it in the media and the other was anonymous. So we have no person we can interview or talk to about it."

"But at this point, we are reviewing the situation."

After the megastar couple welcomed Blue on Saturday night, the New York Daily News reported that a Brooklyn man was barred from seeing his premature newborn twins in hospital NICU areas due to Beyonce's security team's presence.

More criticism followed from other patients and expectant moms who alleged that the circus surrounding Beyonce giving birth was disruptive to patient care.

The spokesman for the NYSHD added: "If someone brought us a complaint that their health or safety was in jeopardy, we'd look into that."

A Lenox Hill spokesman declined to comment on the matter of the Health Department getting involved. The hospital has vehemently denied the allegations.

In a statement Monday, spokesman Frank Danza said the hospital received no complaints from parents about anyone being prohibited from the NICU.

He noted that officials were making "every effort to ensure minimal disruption," and denied rumors that Beyoncé and Jay-Z had "rented out an entire floor."



I am very happy for the parents jay and bey but, if this is true i believe its very selfish. Unproffessional and negligent of the hospital and staff!


He is beuitufal!!! Holy moly to the photos taken by your anesthesiologist I think he's found his second calling!!! They're amaaaazing! How awesome to have photos like that wow. Thanks for sharing.


Some people look for a reason to be miserable. Enjoy the moment! Love Ya! You are going to be a fantastic Mother!


Ya beyonce am happy For you congratulation God guidance and protection over your baby


Beautiful name


Good luck Beyonce with yur first born child i'm happy for you and Jay-Z you to will be good parents to yur child and i luv yall you to are the best of one.

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