Judge Decrees: Fantasia Did Not Wreck Any Homes!

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Fantasia Barrino is not a homewrecker.

This is not just a random, uneducated opinion. This is an actual ruling for a North Carolina judge.

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As part of Antwaun Cook's divorce proceedings in North Carolina this week - the same trial that recently forced Fantasia to admit she aborted her lover's baby - a judge found that Antwaun and Paula Cook separated on September 14, 2009.

Paula had claimed the date was June 2010, which prompted accusations of Fantasia stealing her man and possibly even a lawsuit under North Carolina’s unusual Alienation of Affection law.

While there's no official word on future legal proceedings yet, it's hard to imagine Paula having any case against Fantasia in light of this ruling.

Barrino may now return to her tour, which wraps up New Year's Day in St. Louis.


2 wrongs dont make a right fan u knew he was married /sep 3people odin a realationship u dont work but u been taught to lve god that means people as well stop playing him


Hey sitster don't let anyone make you feel any less then you are. Tell that chick to get rich of of someone else. She just mad because she lost her man and now that you are in the picture she will never get him back. Hold your head up high walk like the true Diva you are.


Good for you Fantasia. He was the married party. He had the obligation to the wife not you. Now dust ya shoulders off and do you. I thought these chicks knew, you can't keep a BAD BITCH down!


Fantasia is the tht needs to sue . The chick was just try n to get rich quick.


Puala Cook need to be sued for making false statement agaisnt her. And she need to be a woman and tell Fantasia she was wrong for putting her in this mess in the beginning. IT was Never about Love it was about MONEY.....

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