Vanessa Bryant: Gold Digger or You Go, Girl?

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Gold diggers: Like mother, like daughter. That's what Vanessa Bryant's former stepfather is saying about the soon-to-be ex-wife of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant.

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    um kobe needs to make her sign a prenump now


    She is a gold digger. Those of you saying she's not a gold digger and that Kobe had no money when they married, no nothing about their history. 1st of all, they met in 1999, three years after being drafted in the NBA. By that time, Kobe was making a good fortune. They then married in 2001. So yes, Kobe had money a couple of years after signing a contract on draft day. Also, if she wasn't a gold digger, she wouldn't have appealed for 50% of Kobe's inheritance towards her bank account during their divorce processing. If she truly loved Kobe and vice versa, they would have done everything they could to mend their relationship. Yes, Kobe had his wrongdoings, but any solid relationship can work on that. So she may have married for love, but over time, she evolved into marrying money. She's a leech.


    The best job in the world is being married to money. Hot women have it so easy in life playing these suckers for half their shit. All they need to do is look hot, have good sex, and wait it out (while shopping and having the best that money can buy in the process). Scandalous. Dudes with any significant money should never get married, and never in California. Just sad.


    I knew Vanessa when she was 10 along with her sister Sophie..the mom might be what she is but Vanessa or Sophie are NOT!!! They are very sweet girls (woman now) people are just haters!! leave them alone


    A WOMAN is A WOMAN is a WOMAN! It don't make a shit who or where she is! They are people- Nothing more -Nothing Less! For a Person to Jump up and Lay Claim to " Black Women are Just to Hard to get along with or they are to Demanding" then those are the words of a LIAR! I know and all you Dumbass's know it! All it comes down to in this Case- Let me go Blame the Mother of My Children- So I can go Fuck Someone Else! It is what it is! if you people don't like seeing this behavior then start making it known that this is not acceptable!

    If it was you in Bryant's shoes? She would have your Minimum Wage Ass working 2 Jobs to make ends meet. Do yourself a favor a quit taking up for these Useless BallPlayers! He wanted to chase Tail! Got Caught! The End!


    Kobe get your wife back, at any cost then if she hopefully gives you another chance don't lose her again, your getting to old for this type of stuff plus we need you to stay focused on winning another ring, u can't win with off court issues like the right thing despite what anyone says.......


    im a huge laker fan for year and i love kobe but he made the biggest personal foul by not getting a pre-nup. if he was going to be a player he never should have got married. p.s. let win a championship this year kobe!!!


    Take care ur business u have put up with a lot.......of bull from a black women too another women.don't let know one tell u that u are a(GOLD DIGGER) IF THEY WAS IN UR SHOES THEY WOULD DO THE SAME....


    I do not feel sorry for kobe. She have put up with a lot of BULL. From a BLACK LADY to another women u takecare of ur
    business and don't let know one tell u that u are a (GOLD DIGGER). BECAUSE IF THEY WAS IN UR SHOES THEY WOULD DO THE SAME .


    Now we know why she was such a "good" wife when Kobe was in trouble. I'm amazed men still get married in the USA.

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