Sheree Whitfield Blasts NeNe Leakes in Hilarious Debut Single

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Move over, Kim Zolciak, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, Melissa Gorga, Michaele Salahi, and Gretchen Rossi. A new Real Housewife is entering the music business.

Sheree Whitfield is the latest member of this franchise to release a single, as "Who Gon’ Check Me Boo?" is now available on iTunes, although NeNe Leakes might not want to download a version. The track includes apparent disses aimed at this co-star, with Whitfield "singing" lines that include...

Before you say anything else to me, go and fix your grill, along with: Saying that you’re rich but I know it’s all a mirage...

Purchase some ear plugs and then take a listen now:

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She is a miserable person and Bob should take those kids. Kim is unfit as well with all that sex talk. Them two Bitches the world is sick of


Sheree may hav made mistakes, so has ne-ne and bob whitfield looks like a jerk for not paying child support. If sheree was broke bob did not mind he married her and had two kids with her.Ne-Ne is doing pretty good for herself so she has comed. down.


I cannot believe Apple agreed to put that crap on iTunes. The other songs that housewives have done from different shows are funny and catchy in their own ways, but this one is just awful. There are no redeeming qualities. I think one of two things happened here: either Sheree has her head so far up her own A$$ that she can't tell how horrid this song is, or she's too stupid and naive to realize someone is using her to bring their own ridiculous idea to life. Either way, I've seen enough of Sheree to last me a lifetime.


Sheree needs to stop saying neg. things regarding NeNe. She is only blocking her on blessing by wishing she was in NeNe shoes. And her song...get real Sheree, this song is outrageous!!! Also, stop buying 10,000 bags with no money to put in them. How can you take away from your kids? Sheree needs to be a mother first and the show gives her the opportunity to display a positive role as a single mom.


How come all these housewives want to come out and make a song? Sad! Sheree song is even worst...Sheree is unreal, she said she downsize. She did that because she had to. This stuff is getting out of hand...


/ Worst song ever! She should have gotten used Kandi like Kim did...


Worst song ever! She should have gotten used Kandi like Kim did...


this "song" (if thats what u want to call it?) SUCKS!


Sheree is broke and a perpetual liar.She has no money no house no man and no going to receive a dime of child support. Really Sheree can't u do better...since u think u are the s**t....that to make a song about Nene. Nene keep getting paid....while Sheree gets played


It all makes sense! Sheree is jealous of nene! None of the business opportunities have been successful for Sheree. Her attempt to get child support really doesnt seem to be for the interes of her children! It seems alot like this suspose to be child support is goin to be the payment to get house built! Sheree's buyin the cars and high priced purses is all a front!! Now a song and tryin to blast Nene! Come on hit some reality there!