Sarah Palin Pitching Reality Show About Todd Palin; No One Interested

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Sarah Palin is looking to produce a reality show about Todd Palin's life as a snow machine racer. Astonishingly, the reception among networks so far has been ... icy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Palin and producer Mark Burnett are pitching a show that would turn the camera on Todd Palin's winning career on the circuit.

The price tag and subject matter have driven bidders away thus far, though.

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Discovery Networks, the company that the former governor's last show on TLC, paid over $1 million per episode for the rights to Sarah Palin's Alaska, airing in 2010.

Now, Discovery is unwilling to pay that price, as is A&E.

Sarah Palin's Alaska debuted to massive ratings, with network record audience of five million, but fell precipitously, including a 40 percent drop by its second episode.

The show certainly generated buzz, with her shooting animals, acting all folksy, hosting Kate Gosselin and her children and so forth. But the buzz ultimately waned.

It was cancelled after its first and only season. Having declined to run for president, and with little interest from the reality TV world, what WILL Sarah Palin do next?

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TMAC is a Racist and always has been! He's still trying to figure out if he's counted as one of those 70% of Black Families that are raised by Single Mothers! He is right about one thing- There are no Blacks in Alaska! America can't hardly get them to work in warm weather climates! Besides- If you dropped a Rock of Crack in the Snow- How would you find it! As far as Palin- Glen Rice will live with YOU Forever! Your 15 minutes is up!


Please, no more Palins. It has been soooooo nice not to hear anything about this moron. Let's leave it that way, ok Mark Burnett.


The majority of people that tuned in to Sarah Palins Alaska did so for a good laugh. The joke is over now. Go away Sarah Palin!


Yeah Clara Palin can pack a room with people the tea party buses in from around the make it look like Sarah has alot of fans The crowds are waning now though. .,


How funny. Maybe black people don't want to live in Alaska. I don't know of a policy that says that they cannot be there. I don't see many here in EL Paso, either. As for waning tours, Sarah can pack a room better than a lot of people. So people aren't interested in snowmachining outside of Alaska. It is a bit specialized.


What? Another Palin show clubbing to death innocent animals? NO THANK YOU!!!! Palin go home and raise your children.


Did Sarah Palin already spend all the money on her clothes, jewelry, chartered jets and plastic surgery? Poor henpecked Todd will become the laughing stock when she explains that neither one of them is employed and this is the only job they could get. So much for fleecing the American voters when the Great Pretender said that she needed more donations so she could run in 2012. Her actions are quite unPresidential; her mothering skills are non-existant; and it looks like Sarah is only interested in seeing her name in the news and lining her bank account. She is so lazy that she still hires publicity agents and speech writers to write "her" opinions for the papers. Sure makes you wonder why she wasted all that time and money getting her journalism degree when she can't even string sentences together in proper English.


I hate you John McCain, Mark Burnett and any network that may decide to air this trash. Go away Palins. Sane America is sick of you.


Idiot Mark Burnett must be getting hard up.First a Joel Osteen reality show and another loser Palin show. I quit watching TLC after Palin fiasco so if another network picks up this trash I will no longer tune in. Burnett you are a moron just like Palin.


Hey Palinbots, We tried to tell you it was all about the money. She was never interested in running for president. She took your money and ran.