Sarah Palin Announces She Will NOT Run For President

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It was almost a foregone conclusion, but former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has announced, officially, that she will not enter the 2012 presidential race.

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    No Palin for President??
    I guess I'll have to drown in my own tears.
    No Palin for President??
    Well, Hott D@mnn I'll Drink to That,
    Put a Shrimp on the Barbie!!


    I wish all the gays would just shut up. The world is not channel Bravo and your problems really do not matter when compared to all the problems facing America. Get over yourselves and think of the nation as a whole not just your little community. Your comments only show that it is you that divides the nation, not Republicans or Palin.


    You do give a shit and she is all that because here you are. commenting, bitching, like anyone gives a shit what you say hahaha! she played her haters just like she played her supporters. as a gay man, i can appreciate and respect the bitch slap and head fake she just gave everyone. wasted money frm supporters and wasted ammo frm critics. repubs needed a true bitch though, dems have so many (gore, madonna, olbermann, cliton . . . )




    Thank God now we go onto more serious business.


    I DO NOT want Sarah Palin to run for president...EVER!!! The LAST thing we need running around in the White House is a homophobic B-I-T-C-H for a president!!! By the way, her husband Todd is SEXY AS HELL!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Her family is so full of DYSFUNCTION JUNCTION!!! With the exception of Todd. Remember, she has bashed gays and lesbians LEFT AND RIGHT over the years!!! I am an openly gay dude (HOLLA!!!!!) and Sarah Palin just makes my BLOOD BOIL!!!!! As far as I'm concerned, she DOES NOT know the first thing about politics. PERIOD!!! And, furthermore, I completely agree with Ronnie Corral...SARAH NEEDS TO GO AWAY!!!! Most of all, I am BEYOND TIRED reading about Sarah Palin in the tabloids and on the Internet!!! Sarah, you AIN'T ALL DAT!!! REMEMBER THAT!!!!!!!!!!


    If anyone was ever a "fame whore," it's Sarah Palin. As an Arizona resident, I'm just terrified that the reason she bought a million dollar home in my state is because she plans to run for John Kyl's senate seat next year. I wish she would just go away.


    i am soooo thrilled that sarah palin is not running for President.....thank the good Lord up above....she has been a joke from the beginning, and maybe she herself is realizing how foolish she looked last year...... my day is made.....nuf said......




    How can anyone compare Sarah Palin to Obama. He's lied from the get go about his citizenship, he education and all the promises he made going into office. He's doing his best to turn our country into a muslin leadership country.

    To top all his digressions he crazy wife made fun of the celebration of 9/11. Don't have to believe me take a look at the video on you tube of her making the comment "all this for a damn flag" and yet she has the audacity to call herself the first lady. She's definitely not First Lady material she spends millions of tax payers dollars on vacations and shopping yet she still hasn't learned how to dress and behave like a First Lady. But then from all I've been reading he's drowning he's troubles in a bottle.

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