Paris Jackson on X Factor Hopefuls: Big Fan!

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Finally able to move on after the sentencing of Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's family members took in the performances last night on Fox's The X Factor.

The seven contestants paid tribute to MJ Wednesday.

With renditions that ranged from stripped down (Drew Ryniewicz) to completely unique improvisations (Astro), did the aspiring singers impress Michael's progeny?

Michael Jackson Kids on X Factor

Michael Jackson's kids watch the X Factor action ... and look mostly happy.

Treated as both props but also royalty, Paris Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson I and II and their grandmother / guardian Katherine Jackson had front row seats.

So who was Paris' favorite of all the singers channeling MJ?

"Honestly," she Tweeted, "They were all really talented!

Good answer. Who do you think was the best/worst?


Are you kidding. Its a well known fact that Arnold Klein is the two older kids father and Debbie Rowe is the mother. i mean COMEON just LOOK at Prince 1 he is the spitting image!.


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You guys quoted the wrong Paris. @parisjackson is Paris Jackson now. Not @pariisjaxn.


@Maryanne, he does look a bit down a lot, but he doesn't always look that way. He does smile and have fun with his siblings. There are plenty of pictures showing that. I just don't think he likes big events like that or likes being photographed.

Maryanne gaeta

M.J.'s kids look like nice kids.....but was is the younger one Blanket always looking sooooo sad.....I feel really sorry for this little boy.....To me he looks more like his Dad than the other 2...


I love all the Jackson kids and they look beautiful just the way they are.


Disgraceful comments. They are grieving children. Prince has a large head (like Uncle Randy) so it's not a surprise they can't find a decent haircut for him. Other than that, he's a handsome young man. Paris is just stunning. Blanket is 9 years old. He's shy...his father was too. There's nothing wrong with him. He smiles plenty...smiled when he had fun on the stage at the tribute concert in Wales, smiled at Phantasialand and even playfully yelled at his brother for making him get on a rollercoaster he didn't want to get on. He's just a normal kid. And they don't need sun. They're naturally tanned. If you wanted the actual broadcast, you'd see the kids are about 3 shades darker than the picture posted for this article.


what is with that kids fringe is that a joke? they look like a bunch of white geeks..


Blanket always looks sad. The other 2 seem well adjusted, Paris seems extremely sassy, a very bright & beautiful young lady.


MJS kids look sweet, but they also look bit....... creepy.. They need to come out in the sun more and be near human civilization. Playing in the sun will chase away mad feelings.

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