Drew Ryniewicz: X Factor Performance of the Week?

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This is sort of becoming Drew Ryniewicz's thing.

Two weeks after slowing down a U2 classic, the 14-year old X Factor finalist did the same for Michael Jackson's iconic "Billie Jean." She never even stood up from her seat on a chair, earning praise from Paula Abdul that it was her "best vocal performance" to date.

Do you agree? Watch Drew sing a version of this track similar to one put on by David Cook during his winning American Idol season. Not bad company to be compared to, is it? Ryniewicz has a series shot at joining Cook as a reality show champion...

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Drew was a one pony show. No versatility. Much like Taylor Swift. Pretty, some talent, but most of Taylor's recordings are voice over. That would have been the same with Drew. Her voice needs to mature.


So glad drew got voted out.she showed how imature she was by standing there sobbing.shame how wil she handle the big time if she cant handle that kind of rejection.the judges except simon made the right choice,


Finally someone showed Simon as the blood sucker I always knew him to be. Although none of contestants were very good, Drew Ryniewicz performance proved she was incapable of a human performance. I am not surprised that death threats and the like got a voice. Also, proves Beiber's immaturity... Anyhow, a big Kudos to Paula and Nicole for showing forditude (brains and not sucky face.....)


we here in the uk/ireland think Drew is class she has a good voice and made a great job of singing-Billy-Jean and it didn't make any difference if she was sitting or standing, she is only 14 what will she be like when she a bit more experence.. it's no wonder Simon was pissed off. i was really pissed off too having to listen to the Rap-/ to each there own -can't these other contestants sing.. hang in there Babe..


Good call Drew sucked. She sounds the same every time. She doesn't take losing well either. I'm an astro fan; however this is a singing competition not rap. Look forward to a CD soon.


Sorry to burst your bubble~ Drew vocals are not all that. All of her songs sound the same. She can not be versitle with her singing, if so you would have seen her singing at fast past. She can't. As paula stated, Simon played it safe with her. She is alright, but not a million dollar baby!


Druw ,should of won over Marcus,that has been in the bottom from the past 3 thimes.What it was ,was La, Nicole, Paula did not like her .They hated her from the Beging.Drew what it is there Paula,and Nicole, La are Jealous of you.Aleast you don;t sing like Nicole And Paula they sing like someone on the Toilt that;s what they sound like, like Shit.And Simon is the Best one of all of them .Drew I wish you luck, i hope you will make a album


Drew was voted off because of a season long Simon Bashing. She was simply sent home because his choices were the best. Judge foolish sent good performers home before they have. Pauls you should have let the people deccide on this one.You let viewers down.


Drew has the most beautiful vocals on the X Factor. I can't believe Paula was the deciding voice in sending her home. Yes, I agree with the posts about her performance lacking a climax, but as far a true, raw talent, Drew has IT! No worries, Drew! I know I'll be listening to your album soon...you have Simon on your side. You are beautiful as your voice...keep singing!


If Drew released her music today, I would be listening to it instead of writing this. I LOVE HER VOICE and her approach to the songs. Billie Jean brought me to tears!!! And the chair bit that Simon blames himself for? Are you kidding me? The hyper over dramatic flashing and dancers only distracts from the other performances...most of the time you can hardly hear their voice...or maybe it's to cover up the lack of solid vocals? Drew is a star...Simon knows it...and I can't wait to listen to her upcoming CD!!! Keep your head high Drew, and know that just because the judges are adults, doesn't mean that they are mature!!! Ridiculous and so sad to see you unjustly eliminated.