Mel and Robyn Gibson Finalize Divorce; $850 MILLION Split Evenly

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Often forgotten during the Mel Gibson-Oksana Grigorieva drama of recent years was the fact that he and wife Robyn were married, albeit separated, the whole time.

No longer.

Mel's net worth of $850 million will be divided evenly between the pair, who were married for 28 years, according to those familiar with their divorce settlement.

The dissolution of their marriage was finalized late last week. Robyn filed for divorced in April 2009, but she and Mel, who have seven children, remain close.

Mel G.

Gibson split with Robyn after announcing he was having a baby with Oksana Grigorieva. Gibson's baby Lucia with Oksana was born October 30, 2009.

That couple split a short time later as documented in the now-infamous Mel Gibson rants. Gibson has since worked out a custody deal with Oksana.

Robyn has asked that her maiden name of Moore be legally restored, but there is clearly much more than restoring her good name involved here.

Believed to be by far the largest divorce settlement in Hollywood history, the actor's payout to Robyn dwarfs others in the nine-figure range even.

Challenge extended, Vanessa Bryant.


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HUH, Divorce, HOLLYWOOD STYLE. It sure seems like these people cannot keep it together, and stay married!!!! They are ALWAYS getting married, and then DIVORCING, ONLY to collect big HUGE amounts of MONEY. And it STILL ONLY, seems like even today, that Paul and Linda McCartney set the proper example of WHAT MARRIAGE, REALLY MEANT. Good gawd, YOU, could NOT SEPARATE those TWO, cuz, they were so MUCH into, each other. The ONLY reason WHY, they are NOT together today, is because Paul had LOST his "Lovely Linda" to breast cancer. And Paul, HAD made a tribute song to his Linda, of, "The Lovely Linda". Ya don't believe me, go check on it then, it IS there in one of his albums. Otherwise, THEY, would still be together, EVEN today.


Even though *I mentioned acting in regards to Mel, he is also well known for directing and producing motion pictures. PEACE!!


Even though The Gibsons are Now divorced, *I can easily believe that Mel would give up acting if he could just be a husband and father to Robyn and the children as family like it was years ago. I will Not minimize the importance of his youngest child, but all the drama that went with his relationship after Robyn is enough for him to wish for the days when life was simpler as a husband with 7 children!!


Robyn: You deserve every penny!


BTW, its not 850 million dollars to be splitted in 2..
Mel Gibson fortune was estimated to be 850 million dollars in 2006, but that amount had shrinked to less than 600M$ by 2009, and to under 400 Million dollars in 2010, due to the financial crisis.
So Robyn is getting about 200 million dollars, minus the houses.
That means about 170 million dollars, or less. Never beleive what you read in tabloids.
Specialy concerning facts and figures, and legal stuff. They dont even realise that Lucia is not Mel Gibson's child, thus oksana reported several times that no DNA test had been done.. and why will she say that when Mel Gibson has many lawyers and wanted a DNA already in June 2009??
Because Mel Gibson is not the father.


This article is all wrong.
It is NOT Mel Gibon who filed for divorce but Robyn.
No Mel Gibson had no idea that oksana was pregnant when he filed back for divorce.
Robyn was told by oksana that she was pregnant and it was not Mel Gibson who told so to Robyn. Mel Gibson had no idea that oksana was pregnant until late april 2009.
Its funny that the media werent aware that Mel and Robyn were still maried during all that time. They even talk in 2010, and still now, of Mel Gibson marriage with oskana (!) and divorce from oksana (!) thus that was a compleetely legal impossiblility
It goes to show you how uninformed the tabloids are, and other medias are..


I don't know why no one will leave Mel alone, He messed up,We all done things wrong. Mel is still agreat actor, Lets watch his movies and Leave his personal life alone.


And he is still alone, after all that.

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