Katy Perry and Russell Brand: Having Problems, Spending Time Apart

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This does not sound good.

As we know, the rumor mill has been swirling in recent months with speculation that things aren't going well between Katy Perry and Russell Brand.

Looks like it may not be just rumors.

A source confirms to E! that Katy and Russell have been "having problems" and that they've been spending "a lot of time apart," including Christmas.

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The "Teenage Dream" singer was spotted swimming in Hawaii over the holiday with her friends, while Russell was reportedly in England for the weekend.

Perry and Brand wed in India in October of last year.

A source adds that things began getting more and more tense between the two in early December and that Katy Perry has been "a mess" about it at times.

The couple shrugged off the divorce rumors at the time, but clearly there's trouble in paradise. Can they work it out? We can only hope for their sake.

As big fans of both, we can only wish them the best.

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Well.... If you make a Record with Kanye " Racist" West" you have shown you already had problems.


They are worth the effort to work it out, try...try...tryyy


Thats a damn shame.


Dear celebrities: DON'T. GET. MARRIED. It's hard enough for normal folk, but you all with your different travel schedules and all, it's got to be worse. Just don't do it. Most of you wind up in bitter divorces.


Russell Brand ia a moron, and she is a farm girl in a big city.


Those things that were so cute when they met are suddenly ANNOYING! You know it LOL....


From the words of The O'Jays' hit song!!
Christmas just *ain't Christmas without the one you love!!


thats what happens when you rush marriage

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