Katy Perry-Russell Brand Divorce Rumor Surfaces Again, But ...

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If Twitter had its way, Katy Perry would have been pregnant and divorced several times by now, so why did the latest rumor of her impending split with Russell Brand gain traction? Several outlets running with the supposed impending split as fact, for one.

Also, neither Katy nor Russell directly addressed the reports ... and she Tweets A LOT.

A rep for Russell even denied it to a UK paper, but still it raged on. What gives?

Katy Perry, Russell Brand Pic

Katy and Russell as we like to picture them.

Most outlets that repeated the rumor seemed to credit none other than celebrity gossip kingpin TMZ with the supposed scoop, claiming that the site posted, and then quickly removed, a story claiming that divorce was nigh between the couple.

However, TMZ chief Harvey Levin, took to Twitter himself to shoot that down.

"A news outlet saying TMZ posted a story Katy Perry is getting divorced," he tweeted. "We did not post such a story ... just made a call ... 100% NO DIVORCE."

Phew. Unlike Twitter trends, if Harvey says it on Twitter, we believe it.


does this spitud joke still gets thumbs up? c’mon, you can do better cause frankly speaking anything would be better than that.


Bet these stories started when Brand MOA at the AMAs. No explanations given for his absence, so rumors start. Hope all is well in this relationship...they appear to be both nice people.


I'll bet you anything these two will get divorced eventually. I don't see Russell as the marrying type. He's the happy go lucky type, and I can easily see him proposing to someone he really likes on a whim. Who knows for sure, but personally I think they're almost sure to divorce somewhere down the line...


@pak31 how I know that they are happy is a secret. I kinda work for ABC productions and have met them many times.


He is creepy looking. Riley, I agree that we can't believe rumors but how do you know that they are happy together unless you are with them all the time? No one knows but them.


Oh God why would they get a divorce they are soo happy together and a lot of evidence proves that. Nice hoax story. You guys are lame!!!

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