Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey Video Release: All They Want for Christmas...

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Seriously, folks, Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey don't want a lot for Christmas. They don't want toys. They won't even ask for snow. There's just one thing these artists need: YOU.

The 17-year old sensation and the veteran singer have teamed up for a cover of the latter's holiday classic, "All I Want for Christmas," which is featured on Justin's new album and whose official video was released last night during the tree lighting ceremony in Rockefeller Center.

It features Bieber singing in a department store and Carey dressing like a very sexy Santa. Check it out now!

The Biebs, of course, has been a VERY busy young man this fall, promoting his CD via a number of duets and videos. Others that honor the upcoming holiday include:


we want to download it for free


I just saw what Dan wrote, and realized that is whey she looked so spectacular. Her part was from the 90's. At that point, she wasn't all that much older than JB. Such an innocent video. People, get a life.


Mariah looked incredible and the song was highly enjoyable. At the end when she grabbed his face, it was much more like a mom does, and that was a natural move. Very cute. When she was standing there singing, it wasn't to him, it was to the camera. He was doing the same. Not seductive or inappropriate, and I have very strong radar about those things.


omg people get over yourself! i loved the video and there was nothing wrong with it! the bieber haters really need to grow up! this 17 year old has done alot of good dont any of you see that. and what just bc he is a young pop singer you gotta hate on him?! GROW THE HELL UP! i loved the song and the video! keep rocking jb!

Juan manuel ocasio

OK... so I'm trying to figure out why even though it is catchy, the video evokes images of that commercial where Bob Dole was watching Britney Spears and exclaimed "Down Boy" right after he had been the spokesperson for Viagra. Britney had just turned 18 a week before... and Justin Bieber reminds me of her so much... I guess Mariah Carey will now seek a career in the Senate and then run for President. All in all, I love the video but I'm conflicted 'cause I think I should be creeped out!


Mariah made her video back in the 90s some creative editing made it look like they were both in the same location. The only time they were together was in the sleigh at the end where you can see she is much older than her mid twenties look in the Santa's helpers outfit.


I don't think it was inappropriate, just a bit risque. Nothing to scream and shout about! It was pretty good in my opinion!


I dont care for Justin Bieber, but I actually liked this Video.
I Love Mariah Carey and I didnt see anything wrong with it. What is she tyring to prove dressing like that? Well that she is 40 years old and still has a smoking body! I see nothing wrong with that. Plus at the end of the video they hugged and it did not look innapropiate, it was sweet.


Mariah is getting way too old to be dressing that way. She looks ridiculous. What is she trying to prove?


Yall are acting like they had sex -____- If they are naked and are humping each other.. THAN get mad. They had clothes on, they hugged and none of their hands went anywhere where it shouldn't be. Get over yourselves.

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