Justin Bieber and Emma Watson Hairstyles: So Influential!

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One may be the most popular young singer alive, and the other may have helped anchor the highest-grossing movie franchise in Hollywood history, but Justin Bieber and Emma Watson themselves take a backseat in a new poll published by The Wall Street Journal.

  • Justin Bieber at Rockefeller Plaza
  • Adorable Emma Watson

According to that newspaper, Bieber and Watson possess the "most influential" hair in all the land.

“Hairstylists are being inundated with requests” by clients that want to resemble these stars, the publication reports. “The enthusiasm plays out online, where the fastest-rising searches for celebrity haircuts on Google are for Ms. Watson and Mr. Bieber.”

This honor for Justin and Emma is among a few fashion milestones from 2011 the Journal highlights. Others include:
  • The Fashion Event of the Year: Royal Wedding
  • The Most Spectacular Bridal Fiasco: Kim Kardashian‘s wedding
  • The Biggest Runway Flop: Kanye West‘s Paris Fashion Week Debut
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Hello justin bieber people are saying that your hair is gay and i think it is not so i love your hair and your tattoos and your body and your songs


hey justin bieber they are saying that your hair is gay but it is not.But i love your photos and i love your songs. So Adorable


justin bieber would be a perfect macth for me.


Emma is really cute.but that hair style doesnt suit her.


nice pic


You're all iidots. He had a concert Saturday August 1. Uh duh. Soooooo you're all dumb. :)


I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!! But really that hair cut is totally GAY.

@ Aiza

how is it gay):


justin bieber i like you rhair when it was longer and you like hoter but no matter what i will alwaylove you i use to hate you but i is a ong story how my friend go me to like you


Emma's hair is so pretty. She really does fit it. Justin Beaver is a different story. Now, he's good at music (not his songs, just instrument-wise)but he has a gay haircut. Seriously bieber? Go get a different haircut.


hi justin bieber i am your big fan
i love justin bieber
i hope in future i am a big singer