Josh Krajcik X Factor Finale Performances: Enough to Win?

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Josh Krajcik does not have the same vocal chops as Melanie Amaro. We can all agree on that.

But this X Factor finalist relies on heart and soul, both of which were on full display during last night's final performance show.

First, Krajcik sang a duet on "Uninvited" with Alanis Morissette herself. Then, to quote Paula Abdul, Josh owned the stage while belting out a version of the track "At Last" via guitar. L.A. Reid referred to him as a "rock star" and the crowed went crazy.

But was enough to propel Krajcik to victory? Watch both performances now.


you can tell your singin from your nuts up man.When you believe we believe,and thats wut you did!!!!!!


Josh had to win. Everyone knows he was better. He deserved it more than anyone. If everyone voted, Josh would have won. I know a lot of people who cheered for Josh but couldnt vote because they didnt have phones from Verizon. I know Josh will go far. Im just sad and disappointed(not at josh but at people who cheered for melanie) that he didnt win this. I dont listen to music but Josh's music is different, it even made me cry. Please support Josh and make him become more famous than he is! Melanie didnt have the heart to sing. Josh sang with heart and soul and i dnt think anyone can criticize his music because it's perfect! We cant change the past and make josh win but we can make the future better by making Josh go far! I could say much more but i think i have made my point. But all of you people who can make josh famous please do so!


Both Melanie and Josh were great. Melanie won, but as in the past, you'll find that the runner up always does better.

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