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Michael Lohan is weighing in for the first time on Kate Major’s possible pregnancy in a new interview … apparently these two nut jobs only communicate via Dr. Drew.

MiLo says he’s heard about it, but not much more than we have.

“I’ve heard about it … When she left her dads house, she left some medication and her pills there and she was off the pill for like 4-5 days and of course we had sex.”

“So there was a chance … from what I understand now, she says she’s pregnant or she could be. Evidently she is taking the test so she thinks she might be.”

Kate Major in a Car
(Getty Images)

Riveting insight right there.

Asked about how he would react if Kate Major were pregnant, given that neither of them believe in abortion as a possibility, Mike told Dr. Drew the following:

“I would never, never, never want to let a child grow up without a father and a mother, so if she was pregnant, it would be something that she has to consider.”

“Does she want to raise a baby on her own? I don’t think so.”

Michael Lohan added that his relationship with his children with Dina Lohan would improve as they get older and would not be affected adversely by this.

He also said that he has not seen any Lindsay Lohan Playboy pictures, nor will he be checking those out for obvious reasons, but he supports the career move.