Howard Stern Responds to PTC Criticism

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Howard Stern has an important message for parents around the world: he has no intention of turning your children into sex fiends.

The new America's Got Talent judge issued this missive during an appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight, in response to criticism leveled at NBC for hiring the lesbian-loving radio host.

Stern, Howard

The PTC thinks "I'm some sort of weird pervert who's going to convert America into some kind of zombie sex fiends," he told the man he's replacing, adding:

"I can assure you and the rest of America what I'm looking at here is to be a very good judge. To sit there, I take it seriously, you know I watched the show."

Stern is a father who is actually quite protective of children. He even questions those who place theirs on the America's Got Talent stage.

"I raised three daughters and I don't think that that would be appropriate. But there are parents out there who think it's a good idea. And you got to be damn sure that this is a wise decision before you do it, because not only are you putting a kid out there, to be judged, but - you know, if a kid really does have talent, you do need time to nurture that talent, develop that talent."

Do you think Stern will make a good judge?


Howard Stern is vile. AGT was one of my favorite shows, but now I won't be watching. I can't believe that Howard Stern was the ONLY choice they had!!!


i'll watch howard. no bs with him. he knows his job - to be entertaining. it isn't "all about him", like other hosts believe. cant wait to watch new season. piers was a waste and too winy.


I think that Howard will be a great addition to the show, since he will be the smartest one; even though he is a pig. I like Stern, because he is the best thing going on radio; 60% entertaining. You do realize that next to the lying talk show hosts, he is a saint. With him on the show, I will watch it.


The whole reason for Hoard taking on this show is his wife. We all know damn well she will be heavily featured on this show now ... I'm sure it was part of Howard's contract. I wonder how all the staff from AGT feels about having to uproot themselves and their families just to accommodate Hoard. I wonder if another stipulation was to have complimentary bags of oats available in his dressing room.


Howard joined AGT because his sirius satellite show is failing! And it will keep going downhill when he sits and talks about AGT for the first 2 hours of his show on the 3 days a week that he does goto work! Howard has jumped the shark years ago. I hope you get a google alert for this post howie


It's all about ratings, and HS will bring them. I've been a Howard fan from the 70's. Though He/I are a bit old for his potty humor, but it's still funny.
They bring on ugly "stars" such as Chasity, Chaz, or whatever Bone-Oh on DTWS shows so why not HS?


Howard Stern has a trashcan for a mouth. Anyone who speaks about the things he speaks about publicly is certainly doing their part to degrade America. You people wonder why this country is so screwed up? Look at the morals of pieces of trash like this and the fact that millions of you stand up for him. Just like Michael Jackson. We all knew he was a molester and his money got him out of it every time but he still had tons of people behind him and plenty were upset when he died. His death was a gift from God to humanity.


.....Howard gets such a bad wrap and the truth is, very few people have ever actually "listened" to him. Howard is easily one of the most intelligent, caring and understanding individuals in entertainment! Actually listen to him, don't judge him based on "what others say"! Howard will do great and will undoubtedly change the lives of those he comes in contact with, for the better! Get off his back and support him!


I think he will be Awesome!


I will not be watching! Howard Stern is an insult to humanity...

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