Dr. Arnold Klein Under Investigation For Michael Jackson Drug Supplying

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Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson's death, but the late singer's former dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein is under investigation by the Medical Board of California for his past treatment of his famous patient.

Klein has been accused - by Murray and others - of fueling MJ's addiction to prescription painkillers, and has been subpoenaed by the Board for questioning.

He just posted a letter on Facebook, apparently sent from his ex-lawyer, showing that officials are probing allegations that Klein over-prescribed Demerol.

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The Board reportedly wants to grill Klein about the possibility that he self-prescribed narcotics, used false names on narcotics prescriptions, illegally handed out samples of dangerous drugs to his famous patients such as Michael Jackson.

By doing so, Klein, who has multiple sclerosis, may have committed gross negligence.

Also rumored to be the biological father of Prince and Paris Jackson, Klein has always strongly denied any wrongdoing and is not accused of any criminal conduct.

Time will tell if that changes and/or if the board takes any disciplinary action.

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Eser: What's MRETTAS? I can only say -no coment-.I'm tired of all this pulp fiction. IRL I'm a MD.


ESER: what's "MRETTAS"? I can only say no coment.I'm tired of all this pulp fiction. IRL I'm a MD.


Why does it matter?It mrettas because the attacks on Michael's name continue.It mrettas because the extortions of 1993 and 2005 shattered him completely.It mrettas because the catastrophic agony? Michael went through placed him in a head on collision with? someone like Doctor Murray.It mrettas because the media tore this man to pieces for over? 15 years.It mrettas because three children are now living without their father. It mrettas because Michael mrettas.


Even if he was the sperm donor, which he probably wasn't since Prince has vitiligo, he was NOT a father to the boy. He had one father, Michael.


You people are hilarious. Both Paris and Prince got their chin from Debbie Rowe. Prince got his VITILIGO from Michael, his dark brown eyes from Michael, his dark hair from Michael, and Paris got her eyes and cheekbones from Michael. Klein has thin lips, so does Rowe. Prince does not. Klein has light brown eyes, Rowe has blue, Prince has dark brown eyes. Klein has a thin nose, so does Rowe, Prince does not. Prince is already taller than both Klein and Rowe. In 2009 he was almost as tall as Michael, who was taller than Klein, and now he's almost as tall as Jackie. I think it's pretty obvious he's NOT Klein's kid.


It is so obvious that Klein is the father of Prince and Paris. Both children have his lower jaw and cheeks as well as his low set ears. Prince looks a lot like him, especially when Klein was much younger, and Paris looks more like her mother, but with Klein's subtle features.


Good it's about time he gets investigated because it wasn't all Dr. Murray's fault. The judge who convicted Dr. Murray should've let Klein talk during the trial and maybe everyone would've been so confused about the death of Micheal Jackson.


People are funny. On one hand, they hate so-called "journalists" making rumors up and doing slander; on the other hand, they throw themselves in the game and say just about any stupidity going through their brain. Please respect Mister Jackson. There is no point in here (hey, it's not even in the article!) talking about his kids or his family. For your information, Mister Jackson had WHITE people and ABORIGENS among his ancestors. Just so you know, before claiming anything else embarrassing.


Well he ought to be investigated. I always thought Prince Michael and Paris were his. Yes! Prince Michael is a spitting image of klein. And i know the Jacksons know all of this.


I never believed Klein is Prince's bio father, but the older Prince gets, unfortunately, the more he resembles Klein; can't fight genetics and hereditary traits; I guess time will tell ....

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