Amber Portwood: Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder, Dating Dude Named Mike Who's "The One"

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Troubled Teen Mom basket case Amber Portwood is opening up about her recent diagnosis with bipolar disorder, as well as a new man in her life.

One who she says is totally THE ONE.

"I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder three years ago. I struggle with it. I hate it. I grieve over it," the reality star told E! News in an interview.

Got (Port)Wood?

"When I went to rehab for two months, they diagnosed me with disassociative disorder too. It makes me black out. People don't understand what it's like."

Things are looking up, though. Thanks to Mike, 22.

"He's an absolutely gorgeous man. We haven't spent a day apart since we met. He's different than any of my other exes," admitted Amber Portwood.

"I always knew I wouldn't be with [baby daddy Gary Shirley] for the long term. But Mike, I know he's the one. We never fight. He balances me out."

Well ... we give it a month. But that's good to hear.

She adds, however, that she and Gary are on a better footing with each other these days ... at least there haven't been any 911 calls lately, okay?

"We're getting along fine, not fighting. Everything is finally good."

What's more, Amber's new guy of about a month, and he's already met her daughter, Leah, but not without a little trepidation on Portwood's part.

"Mike never dated someone with a kid, so I had to really judge him before I introduced him to Leah," she said. "He didn't really know what to do."

"I kind of had to show him. But then Leah started playing with his toes and drawing snow angels on his carpet and she took to him right away."

Amber also addressed the claim that the suicidal wreck attacked someone at an Indiana IHOP last month and recalled the alleged incident.

"I was with Mike, and we did go have a couple of drinks," she said. "But I was not drunk. We were sitting by ourselves, laughing and talking and my legs were up on his, just having a good time. Suddenly, I hear this couple make these racist comments."

"I looked over and said, 'Excuse me, but why are you starting drama? Please do everyone a favor and keep your comments to yourself."

Portwood claims the comments didn't stop, and at that point, "So that's when I got up and told her to shut her f--king mouth."

Amen, Amber. Way to set the record straight.

Please stay on your medication. Please.


i personally can't stand amber.. she makes a fight out of nothing.. it seems like she just conjours an argument up in her head and she twists things around so she can argue.. bipolr or not there is no reason to do all the things shes doing. and on facebook the "all the teen moms" account said she was going to rehab for abuse.. and tried to make a point that it wasn't for drugs.. umm if it wasnt for drugs then the court oblivously needs to sign her up for a drug rehab.. if she cared about leah and wanted custody she wouldnt do all the things she is doing and subjecting her kid too.


I don't know who is a worse mother and general waste of a human life- jenelle or amber. Good lord. They're both trashy idiots who have no business raising a pet rock much less a baby. Amber is introducing Leah to mike after a month? Way to go. Please give custody to Gary. He may be days away from a heart attack, but he's the best of the absolute worst.


I dont think she needs a guy in her life right now, no matter how much she thinks hes the right one. she need to focus on leah and only her and also her issues that she has. i find it alittle crazy after all the episodes of her are nothing but violence and the horrible things she says in front of her daughter. she really needs to get her life on track!!!

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