Adam Lambert Celebrates Christmas with Sauli Koskinen

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Drunken fight and arrest? What drunken fight and arrest?!?

A few days after Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen were both arrested in Finland due to a brawl on the street, the singer - who has expressed embarrassment and regret over the incident - and his boyfriend appear to be on great terms again.

Just consider this photo on Lambert's Who Says page:

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen on Christmas Eve

Adam included the following caption with the pic:

“Xmas Eve with the Koskinens! Just had a huge traditional Finnish feast and now opening gifts! Merry and bright! Hyvää ja rauhallista joulua!”

And Hyvää ja rauhallista joulua to you, as well.

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Oh Adam, we love you to death. But really, the tantrums, or excuse me "bad choices brought on by jet lag, lack of sleep and vodka" are really NOT necessary. Rock stars these days are not required to behave as they used to....with so many problems in the world, it's not fun, it's not entertaining, and it's not you. Some "singers" beat up their loved ones, Not You. You've got that one in a gazillion voice. That's what we want, my dear. Send us from the deep blue seas to the stars and the galaxies as only you can do. Thanks.


thanks for the heart attack when I woke up that morning A&S !! My friends were so enjoying this incident, calling me all day long in case I missed


OMFG THEY BOTH HOT!! Hehe anyways i agree wit yall like its not easy for sonmeone to say who they really are And whT they are but it dont matter cause ppl shouldnt be judgin ppl just cause they gay or wat ever i think that this is awesome cause this just proves that everyone is normal and human


yeah ...well ..maybe they were filming polis tv here in finland and then adam comes and kick little bit and...finish polis and tv cameras are around now and helsinki polis is hot heh heh ..well thats not big deal heeh polis takes kids to jail if they are drunk and so on jail to sleep that isnt so big deal uuu for Sauli and Adam take care


im happy coz they r happy:)


Adam Lambert will never be accused of being boring. I wish the best for them, Adam is so special and if Sauli makes him happy then I want them together.


Love you, Adam! You're going to great lengths to research for your new music-I expect a new version of "JailHouse Rock" coming to a radio station soon!


allsaints45: YOU'RE the pervert. Get your mind out of the gutter, and try respecting others for a change!


Love both Adam and Sauli! I'm glad they were with Sauli's family for the holidays. And regarding the incident it just proves that we are all human and make mistakes. Adam owned up to it so let's move on. New single now and album coming soon!!! :)


OH, HOW SWEET. freaking perverts.

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