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Bachelor train wreck Vienna Girardi ripped off her microphone and walked off the set of Relationship Rehab last week after producers shocked her by having her ex show up.

No, not Jake Pavelka, though that would’ve done the trick too.

Vienna and boyfriend Kasey Kahl, her Bachelor Pad partner in crime and the second half of the world’s douchiest couple were hammering out their issues on the show.

Of course they were. But, things got awkward on Relationship Rehab (a new show debuting soon on VH1) when she was blindsided by the arrival of … Lee Smith.

Vienna Girardi, Sideways Selfie

For those who don’t keep tabs on Vienna Girardi – we’re actually jealous of you – Lee dated V before she went on The Bachelor and got engaged to Pavelka.

Lee is also the guy she was allegedly sending flirty emails to – and exchanging bodily fluids with, according to him – while she was still engaged to Pavelka.

In any case, it got ugly last week. Vienna had an emotional breakdown and walked off the show, screaming at producers that she “hates” them. Ouch!!

She hasn’t been back since and the show has finished shooting.

It’s unclear if she violated her contract by ditching the show early, or if anyone cares, but you have to love that Vienna was surprised by such a move.

She’s not smart.