Rush Limbaugh Defends NASCAR Fans' Booing of Michelle Obama, Calls First Lady "Uppity"

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Rush Limbaugh does not like Barack and Michelle Obama, particularly their desire to lower carbon emissions and the First Lady's crusade against obesity (that hits too close to home, clearly, for the radio pundit). Which is fine, he's entitled to an opinion.

Sometimes his points are clouded by obvious hatred and racism, however.

After Sunday's NASCAR race at which Michelle Obama and Jill Biden were booed, Limbaugh defended the fans who did so, while calling the First Lady "uppity" ...

Rush's argument was, by and large, legitimate and directed at media figures outraged and confused by the booing: It's not a crowd predisposed to like Obama anyway, he's at 44% approval, and people go to sporting events to escape politics.

Fair enough. But then he went overboard bashing the First Lady, who he terms "Moo-Chelle" and tears a new one for (gasp) using a private jet:

"I'll tell you something else," he said. "We don't like paying millions for Obama's vacations. A NASCAR crowd doesn't quite understand why, when the husband and the wife are going the same place, the first lady has to take her own Boeing 757 with family and kids and hangers-on four hours earlier than her husband, who will be on his 747."

"NASCAR people understand that's a little bit of a waste. They understand it is a little bit of uppity-ism. First ladies have not been known to hop their own 757s four hours ahead of their husband when they're going the same place."

The L.A. Times defines "uppity" as self-important or arrogant, historically to describe "blacks whom white people perceived as trying to rise above their station in life."

Just saying. Not the greatest word choice.

Is Rush Limbaugh racist?

Booing Michelle Obama:


Every time a black,Mexican or other then color of white is brought up on anything that other's (mainly white's) don't agree with,it's racist!!! I've had about ENOUGH!I will be dam of I bow down to any man(or woman),or race! People like you would rewrite the constitution or even more the bill of rights to fit your needs and wants,(which suck wind 99% of the time).You take a look at what the Democrat or liberals have said about Rush,Fat stupid,born with a silver spoon in his mouth,RACIST!It's time someone told you that the Democrat party is laughing behind YOUR back!.I just wish you would get a little education under your belt other then watching a 30 second commercial of lies from the people that truly hate you.


I remember when Bush and Cheney were booed practically everywhere they went. =) Now THAT was classy.


There's a book a lot of people claim to read. It suggests one should live their life "loving their neighbor as themselves" and "doing unto others as ye would do unto yourself".....If this would be adhered to be all these self centered, money hungry, ratings seeking "experts", there might be more light (and love!) than heat emanating into the atmosphere. America needs quality, patient people with love not hate as their fulcrum in life. No matter what your belief or background solving problems can and must be done. Now!


As someone who not to long ago to listen To Rush and his co revisionist who want ro return to The Dwight D Eisenhower happy days when blacks and other minorities were repressed and invisible. I see that they can not get over the White House being occupied by a Black family. Well I say get over Obamas election was the best thing to happen to human relations in America since JFk and his family occupied with their Irish catholic if I recall they were worried about the Pope running the President. Lets not forget that Obama is half white and raised by white people who loved his white grandma and she loved him be christ like this season and love your fellow man,


When I was a kid, the KKK use to ride through my neighborhood. Usually not saying to much of anything, outside of telling the kids to get in the house. Never once did I hear them spew the vicious venom of pure hatred for another human being, like that that comes from rush and hannity's mouth. What they (did) at night in the dark was a different story. I believe rush is blatantly jealous of Barack Obama. Sometime I wonder if he is the Grand Master of the KKK. hannity claims to be a christian! What church does he belong to, and what is his pastor saying about all this? No need to wonder where your kids get bullying from, look at the adults! If the kids are held responsible so should the adults be.


I cannot-believe people listen to Limbaugh!A fat ass dopehead,racist that is getting rich off his ill informed listeners. Same goes for Hannity and the other ilk that tried to belittle Clinton when we had the best economy and a balanced budget. Compare Clinton's eight years to Bush's eight years and see what you come up with. Obama inherited the worse mess anyone could ever imagine.


Why was there no further mention of Mrs. Biden being there, OOOoo we get it Mrs. Obama should not be attending certaain events. She reminds me of Cleopatra another Intelligent Breath-Taking BLACK QUEEN
do not worry (rush) she is not for you to understand nor attempt to
describe or explain.....HUSH rush it is time to grow if you can???


Making negative remarks about Our First Lady should be off limits to any respectable person in the United States of America. Every American should be out-raged and Rush Limbaugh should be fired. I don't care how many followers he has. How dare he make mention of the First Lady's body parts in his fat; drug using, drug using conversations. Yes, I said it, drug using; now talk about that. As for Mrs Obama being uppity; she is not, she is not, she is not, but she has every right to be! She is just an educated Black woman; unlike the fool who has used her name in vain. Rush Limbaugh needs to be put out to pasture. The Radio networks will not, but God will take care of his fat behind in due season.


Rush Limbaugh is racist and thats just my opinion. just as it is Rush's opinion that the first lady is uppity. As far as his remarks about the first lady's body shape I bet the measurements for her posterior is smaller than his waist size. no wonder itsa sore spot for Mr Limbaugh.


Well we all know where Rush stands on race and racialissues. as far as calling Michelle Obama uppity well we all know where that comes from when used in the context regarding Rush.. And as far as Rush speaking on Michelle's Obama body shape or o=her body at all is because he is just a fat old white man and her health campaign hits too close to his ever expanding waistline.

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