Michelle Obama, Jill Biden Booed by NASCAR Fans

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First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, wife of the Vice President, served as grand marshals yesterday prior to a NASCAR race at Homestead-Miami Speedway. They were on hand to promote the military family-based project Joining Forces, starting the race along with a wounded veteran named Andrew Berry and his family.

And the famous wives were audibly booked upon being introduced to the crowd. Hear for yourself:

The sports governing body downplayed the response via a statement by Marcus Jadotte, NASCAR vice president of public affairs. It reads:

"The NASCAR community and the vast majority of those attending our race Sunday welcomed the first lady and Dr. Jill Biden and the military families in attendance. We are proud to support military families across the country and proud to support the Joining Forces initiative."

But, come on, we have ears. We can hear the negative reaction of many in attendance. Which leads us to ask: Booing the First Lady during a non-political appearance? Right or wrong?


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Awesome ameoswe ameoswe!You out into words things I’ve been fighting for and defending but I would not have been able to word anything as well as you did in this piece. People fail to understand conditions of treaties and statutes such as the Indian act, and many choose not to read about it, themselves.Really glad you put this together


Tmac you are the sorriest of the sorry... Is that all you see? Race? Nobody can do wrong if they are black, right? You poor fellow, the world has moved on and your still in Yawsuh land?!


Cleo... Do you think GOD has financial intrests in NASCAR??? Really??? NASCAR is made up of real Americans that 'Work' and don't sponge off of the government. They contribute to food banks and any other source of help to people that need it. They don't like high and mighty types telling them how stupid and toothless they are... God bless every one of them. And Michele Obama.........................what the f ever!


Richard Lombardo... obviously full of hatred (typical of the left) nothing of value to say... ugly names and no real argument. I am really most sorry for you. Call me a name if thats your 'best shot'. heaven forbid you come up with some real truthfull, fact filled argument... right?(asshole... ha ha just joking) (asshole)


Lulu I am so sorry... you are such a poor misguided tool... (a usefull idiot)


I would find it alot easier to Show Mrs. Obama some respect if she were to show hard working taxpayers some repect and stop with her million dollar junkets, holidays and seperate jumbo jet trips 4hrs apart from her husband. For you that go on about race, you have no arguments of merit so it's always the racist thing, and name calling. Is there 'ANYTHING' she can do wrong (because she's black)?


Fat, drug-addict Rush just can't die soon enough. It's obvious that those who consider him a hero have to be at the low end of the intelligence scale. People need to stop believing this malignant piece of garbage.


Those who booed our first lady Michelle Obama are insensitive of others feelings. Our children are being taught by adults to be rude unabashingly. Nascar fans have engraved in our minds that the Nascar institute is made up of overly aggressive threathening people. It woulddn't surprise me to see Nascar struggling financially,in the near future, due to God's displeasure over this unfortunate event.


Shameful and vile behavior from those that booed, but consider the source. Many of these folks are probably toothless inbred rednecks, come on-it's NASCAR! Hillbilly jerks cut from the same cloth as the crowd that bood the brave Iraq War veteran just because he was gay at an earlier GOP debate. Just rude & proudly ignorant.


Tom (not even acknowledging Sue, I see those website plugs): that wasn't the time nor the place. It's obvious that you know very little about politics in general. And no, I am not an Obama supporter. Not a fan of his at all, really. Neither was I of
Bush, but I didn't hold what they did against their wives. Because it would be stupid and pointless to. If people were removed for Michelle, it was probably for security reasons, reasons she wouldn't have say in, but her team would. Nascar would have known that beforehand so that would be on them.