Rihanna Pulls Out of Swedish Concert With Flu

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Halloween was less than happy for Rihanna (and her Swedish fans) as she was forced cancel a concert because of the flu. We hope she recovers quickly and fully.

"Sorry Malmo!!! #LOUDtour," Rihanna tweeted, along with a photo of herself hooked up to an IV drip in a hospital in Sweden ... in case we didn't believe her.

"I am sorry to everyone who was coming out to my show in Malmo, Sweden."

Rihanna, Flu
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Rihanna had to go on an IV last night. Poor thing.

"I was so excited to perform for you. It would have been a great time, so much better than being sick with the flu, ugh! I'm really disappointed I can't be there."

According to the singer's website, Live Nation is hoping to reschedule the performance with details to follow in the next few days. Cross your fingers, Malmo!

In more positive news regarding Rihanna, she's just released her "We Found Love" music video, starring short-term boyfriend Dudley O'Shaughnessy. Hot!


shes cancel again in stockholm .half hour before the concert start,all the audiens were on theres seats,not good,not good at all.


Btw, it's Malmö, not Malmo ;)


shut up please,bastards!!!!rihanna was sick,and if you guys are blind;i don't care.i belive her because she's my love!!!!!!!


leave the woman alone if she's ill she carnt help it! 'GET WELL SOON' X


That was just another celeb trick.she is lying


bullsh*t, first of all-- the IV is placed blatantly and suspiciously incorrect as the poster above me noted. my father is a surgeon, also, ive been to the ER twice in my adult life and they do not place it there...try about 3-4" up where your forearm and upper arm meet (aka the elbow)! second of all-- if you are traveling all over the world, especially as a high profile celebrity...wouldn't you get a goddamn flu shot for the season?? simple measures to prevent this....if it really happened :/


Well, if she would wear clothing that covered herself, she might not be getting the flu! She reminds me of Leann Rimes....Did either one of them ever get a lesson on appearance, or did they learn it in a strip club?


hey !! i dont belive this "sickness".ive never seen anyone have IV on that place on the arm.im from sweden, so i know how things is done in sweden.. its just fake.rihanna cancel the show 30 min before start. its many people in sweden are very disappointed.they have travel 6-8 hours by car. one mother has pay over 1200 dollars to see the concert.they could have cancel earlier the same day

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