Ricki Lake Tangos to Dancing With the Stars Top Spot

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Performing last in each portion Monday night, Ricki and Derek did their best to quash the competition on Dancing With the Stars. Each time, they were successful.

Their samba was fun and fabulous, with Bruno calling it "sizzling hot, bright and brilliant from beginning to end." The others agreed. Three perfect 10s for 30.

Then it was on to the Argentine tango, a smooth, graceful effort that seamlessly meshed footwork with emotion and landed them just a point shy of perfection.

Are we looking at the next Mirror Ball holder? You tell us:

Who will win Dancing With the Stars?


I am bitterly disappointed that Ricki Lake did not win Dancing With the Stars. She and J.R. were the very best and either one of them deserved to win. How they could take her off tonight, is a travesty of justice. They better change their voting ways, it seems to me if you have a fan base, whether you are the best or not, you win. I would assume the Kardashians' had everybody vote for him and I am thoroughly disgusted. I will have to think twice about watching this show again after tonight. I could be wrong, but I the feeling Rob Kardashian could win tonight, and I hope I am wrong, but that would be the final straw that broke the camel's back.

Maryanne gaeta

I have always liked Ricki Lake;;; one never knows for sure who will win that mirror ball trophy.....I have been saying this for a while that J.R.will win, but you never know....If Ricki wins, it would also be great too, she is a great dancer, and i wish the both of them the best....Solo should have left weeks ago, and Kardashian, ugh.....get rid of that big ass.....can't stand him or his family....

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