Iowa Woman Arrested For Arson After Being Un-Friended on Facebook

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Signs you're taking Facebook a bit too seriously: You SET SOMEONE'S HOUSE ON FIRE after a dispute resulting in being unfriended on the social networking site.

Nikki Rasmussen of Des Moines, Iowa, and her husband were fast asleep the other night when Jennifer Christine Harris set their garage ablaze and peaced out.

The fire thankfully woke the pair, who managed to escape as the siding on their house melted. Yes, this all happened because of an argument on Facebook.

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Nikki's husband Jim told the police that the two women had been engaged in a petty, catty battle via the website and just recently, Nikki unfriended Jen.

Big mistake. Police Det. Jack Kamerick said: “Things were posted on Facebook. Jen asked Nikki to create an event on Facebook for a party. Nikki did that."

"As the date for the party approached “there were a lot of ‘declines,’ on Facebook, the detective said. It was looking like the party might be a bust."

"The dispute apparently blossomed from there. So when the garage went up in flames, Harris became the first name that occurred to the victims."

Kim Kardashian should keep this in mind when she unfriends Kris Humphries.