Kim Richards Caught on Tape: Drunk, High, Confused

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I'm Kim Richards. Do you know the name?

So mumbles this Real Housewife of Beverly Hills in the newly-leaked video below.

The reality star, who has come under fire from members of her own family for drinking too much, is seen here at the San Francisco airport. The incident took place in July, but that doesn't make Kim's slurred speech and pill popping any less disturbing.

Airport security eventually confronts Kim and discovers that she's in the wrong terminal. While Richards is apparently speaking to her sister again, perhaps she should really be talking to a drug counselor instead.

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One thing that I don’t get is how Geeia could say such horrible things about Taylors upbringing because her mother was an abused women and her dad the abuser and that she is sure alcohol or drugs had something to do with it and that makes them white trash and then talks about their own friends and family being alcoholics but that they are not lower human beings for that?? We cannot choose our families and Taylor has none of those problems yet you want to call her trailer trash for what her father caused? But your family that has those problems are not lower but you want to lower her as a person, that’s is just hypocritical, Also Kims choices in life are all perfect and her possibly having a substance abuse problem is okay but what Taylors father did you use to define who Taylor is now?


TMZ put this out and Harvey Levin is a friend of duh!!!...Kyle.


Just watched the AP video on youtube and nearly lost my lunch when Taylor called herself "sophisticated and always respectful of others". I have not seen Taylor exhibit either trait on this show. And sophistication is like class in that it is not something you call yourself if you have even a smidgen of either. Taylor is "taste-free".


Hey Kim! If you want to feel better about yourself, take a look at the comments about your sister. The public can see right through her and I don't think anyone can blame you for wanting a mental escape! I know you love your sister, but I don't think she has your best interests at heart. She is using you as her personal doormat and thinks that it makes her look better to make you look bad. It's backfiring on her! The public is not that gullible.


if you are going to talk about the sisters .what about the other women on the show. we should talk about them to


Now Kyle is leaking footage? Kim doesn't necessarily seem trashed, she seems nervous. And who knows what was in that pill bottle. is there a close up we haven't yet been shown? Every prescription is pill-popping? This is exactly why Kathy not only did not bring her family to Farrah's graduation party, but also why she delivered the news to Kim, rather than call kyle directly -- because of Kyle's treatment of Kim. That was a strong message in itself of how Kathy feels about all of this nonsense -- making Kim the messenger of the message that Kathy does not condone Kyle's behavior.

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