Nancy Grace Flops on Dancing With the Stars

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Nancy Grace is great at blowing smoke about Amanda Knox or Casey Anthony.

She could not catch fire on Dancing With the Stars Monday night, however.

Despite wearing a red wig, red eyelashes and a flirty, fringed dress ... her jive just didn't ignite very well at all. “This wasn’t a good dance for you,” judge Len Goodman said, not mincing words as always. “It was a disappointment for me.”

She earned 21 points for it, giving her 44 out of 60 for the evening. That has her in last place. Think she'll be going home tonight? Watch her possibly final routine below:

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u should have been voting for JR from the beginning! he's a hero nancy's a !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Finally! no can accuse Nancy of gracefulness. I think dancing with the stars should have a better criteria for dancers. Every season there are people looking to lose weight by dancing. Give us a break!
Watching those chubby legs is like ugh! along with clothes they should NEVER wear. Maybe Nancy along with other heavyweights should rethink their charitable endeavors. Wtite a book or something ,donate proceeds to your charity or cause. Above all,keep quiet!!


Her costumes do not help her. I am so weary of hearing about her twins. One would think she is the only mom to ever do this! I think she will go home tonight--can only hope!


If she stays this week inspite of her clumsy dancing, lack of improvement, rude and obnoxious personality, DWTS's voting system loses all integrity in my world! The push she gets from HLN commercials urging her fans to vote, as well as her charity ploy is unfair to the other dancers who are there not only because of fan support but also for dancing abilities and improvements.
Also on another thread I read some are voting for Tristan not Nancy. I say be done with her!


nany grace may not be the best dancer but i'm still voting for her and if she gets voted off i will vote for j.r. martinez. i admire him so much and he is a great dancer. ruth routh.


Nancy Grace is a disgrace to the legal profession. She is so obnoxious on television with her ranting and raving about what she deems should happen in the legal system. I'll probably start watching DWTS again now that she's being booted off. As far as her television show is concerned, I don't see how anyone can stand to watch her. The definition of the word "repulsive" is the adjective that would describe her in any dictionary's meaning of the word.


Nancy needs to go now. Just hope and pray that the audience take heed and vote her off. She just cannot dance, as simple as that.


Yeah allsaints45, me too. I think that chubbiness just may be ok.


Nancy Grace is loud and opionated. Ok....she is. Some call it passionate about what she cares about most--victims. Is she the best dancer? Of course not. Was she the worst? Not by far! Has she improved? Every week! Should someone else go tonite and she stay? No. It is time to go, Nancy, but job well done and we still admire you and your causes!


I agree that Nancy is not the best dancer...she doesn't seem relaxed and her moves are not call her a cow is pitiful. Are you aware that she is donating the money she earns from the show to a Childrens Charity?That gets her a high score in my book. She is not going to win,so no need for the sarcasm

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We should have started dancing with one arm waaay before.

Cristian de la Fuente [following his injury, trip to the hospital and subsequent stellar performance]

I am not the best dancer, and I have not been the best dancer from the beginning. I am happy we made it this far.

Cristian de la Fuente