Kris Humphries Source Calls BS on Kourtney & Kim Take New York Premiere

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Over three million people tuned in for this week's season two premiere of Kourtney & Kim Take New York. Among them? Kris Humphries. And a friend tells Radar Online that the NBA free agent did not like what he witnessed.

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    Kris has alwayz being bad


    Probably the best thing Kim K could do is to not try to skew her reality show against her ex. She already looks like a spoiled, immature kid. To try to make her ex look bad, when we all know the Kardashians are holding all the editorial cards for this show, is only going drive more people away from their tv's.
    It appears that the wedding spectacular was a big mistake by the Momager.
    I did watch part of the opening show, and I gotta tell ya, if I had walked into my hotel room and seen my husband gyrating around on the floor with a naked woman leading the show, I would have been furious. I hope Kris H gets his annulment.


    Who verifies that there were actually 3.2 million viewers! There are a bunch of liars all of them including E, so they try to make people outhere feel that they missed something by not watching and up the numbers. Well, watching the Kardash you do no miss anything. IT IS ALL PLANNED AHEAD to look good for Kim so that the backlash will subside. She needs the money from the sponsors! Hopefully the sponsors will realize it and cancel their contract with her.
    To me she is and looks like a porn star. I do not understand people who find this over madeup woman beautiful. She is beautiful in a porny sort of way. MB


    I bet those 3 million know very well that the truth will always be distorted by kim and her minions, but they simply dont care, its just entertainment to them. Ruining lives for ratings, good job america! No wonder people hate us!


    I can understand that. They never show everything exactly like it happens. They're taped 24/7, and we only see 30 min to an hour of it. They probably just edited it that way to make it seem like he just left, when in all reality, it could have been kim's idea. But then, they just got married, need space already?


    stan - you tuned in to this article. I guess your one of the 3 million.


    3 million people tuned in? There must be at least 3 million retards in the US (I'm guessing there's a lot more, but some people don't own television sets).

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