NBA Lockout Over! Kris Humphries a Free Agent!

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An official agreement must still be reached, but it's safe to celebrate, NBA fans: the lockout is over!

Commissioner David Stern and Player's Association leader Billy Hunter appeared at a joint press conference last night and announced that a tentative agreement had been reached, the results of which mean the following: training camps and free agency will begin on December 9. A 66-game season will kick off on Christmas Day.

What is the celebrity gossip spin to all this? Kris Humphries is a free agent, of course. Where will Kim's reality TV co-star play ball next season?!?

The bruising power forward averaged a double-double in 2010-2011, growing into one of the few bright spots for the New Jersey Nets. That team may attempt to re-sign him, but its priority will be locking up point guard Deron Williams to a long-term deal.

With no hard cap in place, the Knicks will have the deep pockets to a lure a few key free agents, and we all know how much Kris has embraced the big market lifestyle.

No matter where Humphries ends up playing, only one question really matters: With what cheer will NBA fans taunt him? We've offered a few possibilities below and we welcome any other suggestions:


I wish Kris Humphries the best season ever even if it will be a short one this year. Kris is a decent young man who just made a bad mistake; he did not break any laws though. Kris thought his marriage was for real; he believed Kim K. The young man was just too gullible, now give him a break and let's get back to basketball!


Go Kris!!! He's a talented HUNK-o-man!!! Your LOSS, Kim and the no-talent Kardashian Klunkers!!


Jesus is like a software.
He enters your life.
Scans your problems.
Edits your tensions.
Downloads solutions.
Delete your worries.


It's all publicity folks!!! Kim played this dushbag very good. No offense Kris. If Kris is looking for work, I have a buddy who works at Mc Donald's, Kris Humphries would make a great assistant manager.


@thatruth5 uhhhhmmmm your probably the only one who didn't know who kris is but I won't blame you considering that your still in the dark ages by the looks of your pathetic writing!!!


oh please...KrisH. is MORE famous b/c of the KKlan. Do u kno how many ppl was like, "Kris WHO??????" lol. Its mighty funny that b4 he married Kim, how many endorsements did he have????? Uuuggghhhh, ok


I believe that Kris Humphries has made a whole New legion of fans on his own that has Nothing to do with The K's. Without the help of Mama-in-Law Pimp Kris Jenner,he has secured an endorsement deal with Sector Watches. Kris H. will become wiser as he matures, because his family and his *true friends Never left his side.
Kris Humphries has a lot to be thankful for including the fact that his last Name does Not start with Kardash...!!


@Nick Pircce: Sure, but he did play very well on the court last year. Almost as well as he played the public to rake in millions from his wedding. I see him getting a three-year deal for at least $5 million/season.


Kris Humphries count as an NBA player? He's technically a free agent so could just as well be a Burger King employee

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