Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries: Behind the Break Up

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With Kim Kardashian having filed for divorce from Kris Humphries, numerous theories are flying around for why this marriage couldn't last longer than 73 days.

The most prominent being: D'uh! They were never really in love! They pocketed millions of dollars and made fools out of millions of fans. it's difficult to dispute this notion.

Other sources claim the couple's living arrangements were an issue, as Kris wanted to settle down in Minnesota, but Kim clamored for life in Los Angeles.

It seems hard to believe this topic would actually lead to divorce at this point in the pair's lives, however, considering Kris will be flying around half the year anyway for his job in the NBA, while Kardashian spends every other weekend traveling to a different location for... whatever the heck she does for a living.

So... what went wrong?!?

Hilariously, an insider tells TMZ the main point of contention rested in the fact that Humphries grew too fame-obsessed during the relationship. He was reportedly looking to brand himself with colognes and appearances. He began "chasing fame," the source claims, quoting Kim as saying to a pal recently:

"He's not in f**king Hollywood. He plays sports."

Yes, folks, Kim Kardashian was angry because someone else - the man she supposedly loved! - wanted to make money without actually putting in any work. We don't even have a joke here.



kim kardashian is amazing, stfu :')


Kim I consider u as a big tym bitch ,Kris was perfect for you but u r too blind shamwari.Everything is not about u wanzwa.Get real remember Kris once told u that on ur show.u r an asshole I never want to watch ur show again.imbwa yemunhu.


iv been watching the shows i dint like kim but kris is not good either.first of all kris jenner has some BS advice.who tells their daughter to indirectly come out of a marriage by saying what she feels isnt normal.she should have told her marriage is not a bed of roses!kim took that advice and ran with it and started acting like a bitch.but i was also annoyed that when kim tried to make it work with kris he would js shut off and he had that habit which to me is sooooo damn annoying seriously.he js shows he doesnt give a damn about anything and the way he acted when with khloe and kourtney at the zoo?i mean how can u want to be a father n ur behaving like an both of them r js better off divorced since their priorities seemed far off from marriage.i think kris will learn from his mistakes but kim is js beyond remedy.i pity her coz her perception of marriage is so wrong.a selfish person will never get married.


U guyz r all ma advice 2 u iz 2 wake up b4 u break up.u r 32yrs of age n u dn't ave a husbnd or kids of yur own.u r seriously cursed.u r nt gtn ynger.learn frm yur sisters n nt surprised if rob calls u a bitch.


Wow... Kim is a bitch doesn't she get that its not all about her in a marrage you go 50/50 so what if her kids wernt going to be raised around them snotty sisters of hers i mean wow all she thinks about is her and her sisters. psh he WAS you husband but hes gone now and everyone knows how you are now so bet you wont be getting married agaiin unless its for $$$$$$$$$$$$!!


@ Fabulous Ryat, u need not bring in your sick culture about stoning women into this. Anyway, Kim fucked up real good.31 & and she's still having this kinda relationship ish. Stupid, stupid girl.


However much u may want 2 be as happy as ur sister who have loving men by their side, u will never be lyk them coz u r doomed n cursed, u need God in ur life... Stop Fantasizing, ur nt perfect coz no man is perfect n i pity men who share their beds wit u, thinkn they r in luv yet they end up hrt broken... If u were an arab in da Arab or muslim world, u would be stonned 2 death..


I dnt knw much abt r/ships bt people say every r/ship has its own problems bt sincerely speakn, kim wasnt 4 u kris.. Shes 2 much of a bitch 2 be with some1 descent as kris... @ the same tym i blame u kris, didnt u as urself y she broke up with da man she had supposedly married, reggie bush, da body guard n da endless list of her sex toys??? I hope this wil b a lesson in ur nxt r/ship n a lesson 2 al couples n people planning 2 get married... WATCH OUT


They whole family if screwed up. I hope they will read all these comments and grow up.


Talk about the most disgusting family and Kris (mom, if you want to call her that, as they curse back and forth at each other) is the worst. Kim give Mr. Humphries the ring back. It was not a gift it was for a lifetime committment. Don't understand him but he's the victim in her money grubbing scheme. Isn't he black enough for her?
Will never watch their show, will never shop at their stores and will NEVER buy and products they support or invent. Slezoids! Bruce Jenner needs to go back to his first wife and gets some golf BALLS! He ignores those kids and concentrates on the crazies of the Kardashians.

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