Kim Kardashian Kashes in on Wedding

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Sorry, Kris Jenner. But your ridiculous bow - seen in the video below - was actually NOT the most absurd aspect of your daughter's wedding on Saturday.

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    I luv the Kardashian's sense of style n fashion howeva I must agree...I nva hear bout ne charity wrk or donations from dem. All dis $ n they're not giving back 2 da community....those dat helped em get dat 17 mil. After all dey were nothing til Kim learned 2 start f***n wit da highest bidder!


    This is an arctlie that makes you think “never thought of that!”


    Wel kngrats those hatin wnt stop u.u gys are rich and those dat re nt rich,2 pouty 2 gt rich & shut up their mouth jst cnt get enof of u.fame comes wit its trenches,they re jst one of then theirs the silver lining.


    I agree Belkys ;-)


    I really can't believe how THG trashes the K's!!! I mean talk about mudsligging!!! This is in now way shape or form professional journalism! It's an invitation for haters and loosers to post their pathetic and sorry comments...
    The only reason I don't unsubscribe is to keep expressing my point of view. After all, THG hates and invites haters they should have a taste of their own medicine!


    I so dont have a problem with Kim Kardashian sorry. I am really excited to hear that she is now married and has alot and is happy. I think that things only happen for one reason. And that is it's ment to be. So all this hateing on the Kim is not that nice people. I know that there are alot of people out there that are in need of money and things like that but sometime's people can only do so much. Which isnt really Kim to blame for those people that are starving it wouldnt be fair if she had put her $$$ into people that where where staving then she will properly have to give $$$ to other poor people to it's just not fair guys.


    My advice to the groom is to play ball for a mid west franchise far away from the zoo that is the Kardashian family, protect your assets, and do not let that fame whore walk all over you. Aside from that, Congrats.


    I don't believe they were really in love I think she wants Reggie but he could probably cares less


    Get a life one really cares as much about your shallow, pathetic life as you think they do and to all the people who paid them for the endorsement are equally as pathetic. This whole situation is shameful. greed at it's worst and downright TACKY.
    Dig deep Kris Jenner and daughters and take some of your money that you have earned for doing nothing but existing and letting people into your twisted lives and donate it to a worthwhile cause. Maybe you can redeem yourselves somewhat in the public by doing so.

    Not everyone is going to care about you people in years to come and then I really feel sorry for you as what will you have left to rely on? When you are all no longer the center of reality TV, how will you market yourselves next?

    Please dry up and go away. You are all so overexposed..............


    I wish this ridiculous, seriously self absorbed family would know what it is like to deal with 'real life' which consists often of struggle, tragedy and illness and the most difficult decision you have to face is NOT what you will wear for the next red carpet event. They are phony, trash mouth, pride lacking, tacky, money hungry grubs and I would be embarrassed to be known as one of them. How about they donate some money to charity now that they are making 17 million from the wedding? Or how about Kris now donates the money she makes from endorsing incontinence products???? Poor Kris Humphries..he will have no balls in that marriage with Kim for a wife and Kris Jenner for a mother-in-law. I predict they will be before 6 months. Make them all go away please............

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