Katy Perry Pregnant? No Chance, Singer Says

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It's no secret that Katy Perry wants to have kids, but the singer didn't hold back at the American Music Awards when she shot down rumors that she is pregnant now.

"Hell, no!" Perry said. That settles it, right?

Asked if there were children in the near future for her and Russell Brand, rumors no doubt fueled by Perry's outfit at the AMAs that seemed to show a little bump, Perry assured her fans that any protrusion was just due to diet. Or more specifically, lack thereof.

"I like In-N-Out Burger and Taco Bell .... if you want to make that pregnant that's your problem," she told The Insider. "I also still love drinking alcohol so not yet."

It's not the first time she's admitted such cravings. During a concert at Madison Square Garden last week, Perry joked to the crowd that if she was rubbing her "bloated belly" performing during the show, it wasn't because she's expecting.

She was just eating her way through NYC. Gotta love a girl who's honest!

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