John Edwards Trial Scheduled For January

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A judge has set the trial of former presidential candidate John Edwards to begin January 30, a week earlier than when prosecutors and defense lawyers sought.

In federal court, U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles signed an order Tuesday setting the schedule for Edwards' trial on charges of campaign finance violations.

Edwards was indicted following an exhaustive investigation in June.

Edwards, J.

John Edwards is accused of asking two wealthy campaign donors to provide nearly $1 million in secret payments used to hide pregnant mistress Rielle Hunter.

Making matters even worse is the fact that he was a serious candidate for the Democratic Party's nomination for the White House in 2007 and early 2008.

His wife, the late Elizabeth Edwards, was also battling cancer at the time.

Edwards says he knew nothing of the checks, cash and private jets used to fly Rielle Hunter across the country and put her up in luxury homes and hotels.

We are not the judge or jury in the case, and every American has the constitutional right to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence ... but come ON.

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Democrats, republicans, liberals, etc, they all do it.john edwards let me down terribly, shes a scum whore and i will never forgive him for this, especially god rest her soul Elizabeth.




I know what Senator Edwards did was wrong, but should we treat him like that, when Newt Gingrich did the same thing, and yet Newt is the one who gets to run for president, while this man gets indicted? John Edwards was the strongest voice on the issue of poverty we`ve had since Robert Kennedy, and we treat him like this. A lot of presidents had extramarital affairs. Kennedy. Eisenhower. Roosevelt. Harding. Lincoln. Jefferson.


I cannot believe he could of got involved with Reille Hunter as she is very unstable person and I feel sorry for his children at home as they don't deserve any of this at all. Hope Cate will have a good life with her husband Trevor Upham as looks are not important as the person. John how could you have been so stupid to fall for Reille Hunter as she was looking out only for money and to ruin your life along with your family.


They deserve each other their both idiots! That poor child and his other children.


And Leo - Johnny wasn't thinkin' about how stupid she was and what a crazy Fatal Attraction weirdo she was when he was banging her. All he was thinking about was she was an easy bootie call. Too bad, Rielle Hunter turned out to be the most expensive bootie call in the history of mankind. His next home is going to be the POKEY. Ironic, isn't it?


Those pictures are fantastic. Duh.


@ Guest,
First time greetings to you!!
When you are right, you are absolutely right. Two thumbs up for your comment!!


He wasn't looking at her face when he was banging her!


@ John Edwards,
What in the world did you see in that ogre Rielle Hunter??

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