Dancing With the Stars Finals Recap: Rob Kardashian Takes Command!

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The 13th season of Dancing With the Stars has come down to one night.

Ricki Lake. Rob Kardashian. J.R. Martinez. All worthy parquet performers, as we know, but there can be only one Mirror Ball holder at the end of this. Who will it be?

Apparently no one told Rob that J.R. and Ricki were the consensus picks all season long, or that he was a 4-1 underdog headed into the final Monday of the season.

Because he's in sole possession of the lead right now!

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke

His lead is only three points over both competitors, so this is going down to the wire. But who thought Rob Kardashian would be here now, let alone in first place?

Seriously, if you've watched this season at all, you knew he was good, maybe even a dark horse contender. But few saw him ever sitting on top of the world.

Rob and Cheryl Burke earned a perfect 30, their first of the fall, with a retro, Charleston-utilizing freestyle. When he said it was his time to peak, he meant it!

"This competition is often won or lost in the freestyle round and to get a 10 you have to blow us away. Consider me blown!" raved DWTS judge Carrie Ann Inaba.

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff earned a 30 of their own with an '80s hip-hop / samba mash-up that made you wanna get down. But their first dance hurt them.

A cha-cha that was deemed "not very good" by Len netted only 24 points. Meanwhile, Ricki Lake and Derek Hough received two sets of all nines on Monday.

All of that left Rob in first place on the leaderboard for the first time, albeit not by much, on the even of the final vote tallying. What a great season it's been!

Watching proudly along with her whole family was Kim Kardashian, in the house for the first time since announcing the end of her fake marriage to that guy.

"Did u guys see that!!!!!!" Kim tweeted afterward. "All 10's in the freestyle!!!! OMG I swear the whole fam is in tears!!!!! Let's go baby! Team CherBert!"

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough
J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff

It's all up to the fans right now. Can they help the lagging teams make up the gap? Here's a look at how Monday's Dancing With the Stars scores shook out:

  1. Rob Kardashian & Cheryl Burke: (27, 30) 57
  2. J.R. Martinez & Karina Smirnoff: (24, 30) 54
  3. Ricki Lake & Derek Hough: (27, 27) 54

Who do you think has danced the best? Do you agree with scores, top to bottom? Most importantly, who do you think should hoist the Mirror Ball tonight?!

Comment below, and vote for who you think will win!


Maryanne Gaeta...go and die. You misrable loser. I can't believe you can use the internet!!! Who wrote it for you? You must be so fucking ugly -- and it shows! It doesn't hurt to be nice and polite online. Everyone has an opinion. You hate Rob and the Kardashian family, keep it to yourself!!!! Gees, wish I know where you live so I can hire another bad woman like yourself to go there and beat your fat ass in public til you learn a lesson!


All you Rob haters can cry all you want and die regretting. Wish I can see your face and know where you live, you motherfuckers!!! See if you dare to talk the way you do online. Fucking cowards. Tonight belongs to Rob Kardashian. A darkhorse. A spoiler. A charmer. Tall, dark, handsome leadig man. Thanks to Cheryl Burke. Rob will win. If not that is ok. But to say bad things about is not ok.


I am so impressed with the progress all the dancers have made. Ricki Lake is so graceful and Rob has shown such progress from the beginning. The real champ with consistent high performances is J.R. tho. He has so much musicality and is so light on his feet he takes my breath away with some of his performances.

Maryanne gaeta



As this season's finale of Dancing With The Stars comes down to the wire, J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff have got to win!!!!! Also, J.R. has been my FAVORITE all season!!!!! HOLLA!!!!! Furthermore, J.R. is a true and ultimate SURVIVOR!!!!! He was AWESOME on All My Children (until the show got cancelled) and is now EVEN MORE AWESOME on DWTS!!!!! As for Rob Kardashian...GIMME A BREAK!!!!! Rob being on this season of DWTS is further proof that his idiotic Kardashian family have their financial hands into WAY TOO MANY things!!!!! The Bottom Line for me: Rob...dude, after you win or lose the DWTS season finale tonight, go back home to your stupid and media-hungry family. AND STAY THERE!!!!!


Ok, let's have some respect for all 3 of the finalist! J.R., Rob, and Ricki! Some of you do. As far as I read. But the rest of you need to show some! These 3 good people worked so hard and all deserve to be here! I know you have your opinions. But keep them nice! A few of you have! That's cool. I'm just tired of people giving such harsh opinions. I like when I read good comments not putting anyone down. I have been reading so many harsh, not nice comments on other sites! It is unreal! So I try not to read any at all! But I happened upon these! Please let a person have their own choice. Whoever wins, I say, congrats!!! Everyone is human and has feelings.


Rob K. and Cherburk will both hoist the Mirror Ball trophy.


J.R. just has to take it. He did well from the beginning and only improved with each week. Too bad he suffered that blasted injury because there would be no question as to who should win. Just bad luck at the worst time. Excuse me, Len, but I thought their cha-cha was very good and should have scored more points. Rob as improved each week, but I did not think his performance last night deserved three 10's; what were the judges thinking. His movements sometime were not smooth. Remember, the pro partners can make the contestants look so much better than they are. Cheryl Burke is such a fantastic dancer that people tend to watch her rather than the partner. Just hope with all my heart that J.R. wins.

Maryanne gaeta

My pick most definitely is J.R...Hands down....Ricki Lake needs to go, as a dancer she is good, but lacks confidence, and besides Hough has won already...ENOUGH....As for Kardashian,give me a break....just his name alone gets me ill....There is no way he will win.....


JR should def. win !!! Rob is lucky he got this far b/c all of the other has been were horrible ! If Ricky loses she will be such a sore loser smiling and being phony when deep inside she will be like fuck these people I should be the winner !!I hope she loses she always thinks she is sooo perfect , like she will be in Chicago on broadway if she wins !! yeah right !!

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