Can Rob Kardashian WIN Dancing With the Stars?!

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"It's my time to peak." - Rob Kardashian.

All but written off by many (including THG) at the onset of the season, Dancing With the Stars' dark horse looks like a virtual  lock for next week's finals, where he'll be quite formidable. Could Rob Kardashian actually win this thing?

Cheered on by Bruce and Kris Jenner, sister Kourtney Kardashian and nephew Mason, Rob turned in a paso dole and a tango what left him just two points behind Ricki Lake at the conclusion of the semfinals, and well ahead of J.R. Martinez.

Watch his performances and see if you think he can pull it off ...

Who do you think will win Dancing With the Stars?


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Rob??? Are you kidding? The kid is a loser. Nice try. His crazy mother may try...but she won't have enough votes to make him win. P-leaze!!!


Ricki was good right out of the gate. JR has done exceptionally well all season and no one can dispute his charisma. Rob has been the most improved of all three. He started off very wooden and looking like a deer in the headlights but now he's got the moves and stage presence he needed. On a side note I'm actually impressed at how serious he's taken this competition and also how modest and self-effacing he is compared to his sisters. The premise of the show is teaching a celebrity a new dance each week, stepping up the intricacy of the choreography, and hopefully watching them improve each week. When a contestant starts off being really good then it's like comparing apples to oranges and that's where popularity and fan base come into play. All three finalists have strong fan bases so it's really anyone's call at this point. I'll be happy with whoever wins because I think they all deserve to.


Since he got solid 9 already, and 2 10s, next week this dark horse will surely get perfect 10, he is then ready to compete head to head with ricki and jr... These two have weakness: jr-his posture and now he's injured, his performance is still questionable for him to get perfect 10: ricki on the other hand, her hips, she can't move it till now. Now Rob is young and strong, if he can perfect lifts( which he can, see the Argentine Tango)or no mistakes in his performance then ricki and jr will not fight for 1st place but second place. For sure, this dark horse is now about to give 100%, full blast effort to win the race...Plus, fans(you know what I mean, I think..)then He is Formidable... He will be bringing home with that mirror ball trophy as Donny Osmond also predicted...To all fans of Ricki and JR don't hate Rob if he wins, be sport and calm.Blame the voters if you want...If Ricki/JR wins good for her/him...


rob kardashian and rickie lake should be partners. they are both flat footed and they are NOT sharp and snappy with their leg movements. i could see why rickie wore those long dresses, it covered up alot. i cant believe that the judges gave them 10's. rumore has it that the mom of rob k is doing everything to make sure her boy wins. perhaps there should only be 1 vote per phone #


Ok. I think I could get a job as an editor at any major literary site these days because they must all have job openings. I say this because they are all full of typos, grammatical errors, and other mistakes. For instance, in this article the writer states that "...Rob turned in a paso dole and a tango what left him just two points behind Ricki Lake at the conclusion of the semfinals, and well ahead of J.R. Martinez." First of all, he danced a samba and a tango. Secondly, its "paso doble" not "paso dole". Thirdly, he turned in two dances THAT left him just two points behind Ricki, not WHAT. That's 3 mistakes in one sentence... I could possibly understand a typo here and there but that's just excessive...


That's the whole point. It's not about being "great from the start", as the judges constantly remind everyone, it's about the MOST improved which is the whole point of the show. The MOST drastic improvement has been Rob. Ricki has been the same since the beginning, and had plenty of chance to improve and didn't. J.R. was awesome from the get. ROB K. to win!!!


I really want him to win... figures his crazzzy sister, Kim, would decide to file for divorce when FINALLY he's CENTER STAGE... i think she needs a shrink and I'm thrilled that he really has turned into a great dancer... i can't keep my eyes off of him when he dances... when whereas Martinez.. i look at his female instructor...


i would like Rob to win because he's a good guy. he has a great family who surely supports him, and I think people should give him a chance, ya'll should stop hating haters! Go Rob!


Rob is such a good and likable guy. I'd love to see him win.


Rob kardashian has come a long way, but there is no way he will win dancing with the stars....the only reason he came this far is because his moron family know a lot of people....he danced better last nite granted, but he's still a loser....J.R. Martinez is the definite winner........nuf said.....