Courtney Stodden to Undergo Televised Ultrasound

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Courtney Stodden really wants you to believe that she's all natural.

The seemingly plastic 17-year old will be featured on an episode of Dr. Drew's Lifechangers tomorrow, during which she'll actually undergo an ultrasound in order to prove she's never had a boob job.

"A knife has never touched this body," Stodden tells viewers, adding: "I was born this way out of the womb."

What will be the ultrasound results?!? You'll need to tune in and find out.

As for a tour of her and Doug Hutchison's bedroom? Check it out below.


Kitty, you and i both know this. Honeslty I didnt know who this Skalliwag was until I started bloging and reading these sites. Honestly I wouldnt care if this chick got stuck under Shaq balls and we never heard from her and her clan of child molesters again. Oh and she can take Wilmer and Demi Lovato with her.


Wow really. who cares if she did, what does it matter!? Everyone gets them, from granny's to teens, who flippin cares. This whole stunt is 'FAKE'


Lmao omg! She is rediculous. I cant believe she is even still being talked about. She is so gross and her hubby is creepy. I dont think id be able to tune into the show with out scratching my eyes out!


I literally laughed out loud when I read "I was born this way right out of the womb". I've never seen an infant with giant boobs lol


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