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Kristen Stewart gets especially edgy in the latest issue of Vogue Italia.

In an interview with the publication, the Breaking Dawn star opened up about a number of topics, from joking around on set to staying in shape. A few excerpts are below:

On her favorite fashion: “I’d love to wear very feminine clothes, but then, in the everyday life, when I’m in Los Angeles, at home, I’d rather be comfortable. Whereas, when I’m away, like in this case, I pack all kinds of clothes, for the evening as well, because I think that maybe I’ll get a chance to wear them.”

On her figure: “I’m naturally skinny. We’re all like this in my family, so I don’t have to exercise a lot or go on a diet. I do all the exercise I need on set. Right now, for example, to play Snow White, I never stop: I run, jump, fight with swords, horseride… I do all kinds of stuff! You see, I’ve even injured myself! But it’s nothing serious.”

On her acting philosophy: “I’m not one of those actresses that maniacally prepare themselves for a role. On set, I do whatever I need to do, but day after the day. If I have to improvise, I improvise, if I have to learn my lines by heart, I do it. There are certain screenplays which are so beautiful, that they only need to be repeated as they are, without any changes. I live in the moment.”