Casey Anthony Case to Be Fictionalized on What Show?

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In a Law & Order-style move, the Casey Anthony murder case will soon be ripped from the headlines and transplanted into the plot of ABC's Body of Proof.

The January 3 episode of drama, starring Dana Delany as a surgeon turned medical examiner, will center around a Casey Anthony-like figure named Hillary Stone.

A woman acquitted for killing her son. Says Body of Proof producer Sunil Nayar, "[In our episode] we explore what happens when the media takes over a case."

Casey A.

“This is an important case to us because we don’t do a ton of ripped of the headlines cases. But, obviously, it became this sensational case nationwide."

"There were very human elements involved."

Indeed, and there will be media involved, specifically Marcia Gay Harden in the role of a TV pundit, someone who sounds an awful lot like Nancy Grace.

Moreover, Rita Wilson will guest star as Stone's mother. As for actual Casey Anthony movies and books, there are none in the works ... but give it time.


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